Why you should join The Daily Campus


You’re sitting in your dorm room right now, or in your childhood bedroom (or maybe in Barbados). Maybe you’re reading this because you saw it on social media, or maybe someone sent it to you. Maybe you’ve been an avid reader of The Daily Campus since you toured UConn in high school and decided that UConn was the place for you (but now it’s nothing like what you expected it would be). Maybe you’re reading this because you’re bored out of your mind since your professors haven’t quite figured out how to run your classes online and you barely have any work to do.  

Whatever the reason is, you’ve somehow, at this exact moment, decided to read these words. It’s not just a coincidence. You’re reading these words because you, yes you, should join The Daily Campus.  

You don’t have to be majoring in journalism, political science or English. You don’t have to be a master of the five-paragraph essay that, in high school, sucked all the creativity out of your writing. You don’t have to be on or even near campus this semester.  

All you have to be is a UConn student who is interested in something — which we know you are.  

Interested in nature, science, politics, ethics or anything else? Write for the Opinion section, where any and all perspectives are welcome.  

Do you think that Space Force was a complete flop and that the trailer was more humorous than all of the episodes combined? Do you listen to stand-up comedy on your runs (don’t worry, no one saw you laughing to yourself like a maniac), and maintain that although John Mulaney can be funny on occasion, Trevor Noah is a far superior comedian? Are you one of those people who, on rainy days, makes a detour to The Benton and wanders upstairs to look at art while listening to your favorite movie soundtracks? Give us your takes on music, movies, pop-culture and art in the Life section. 

All you have to be is a UConn student who is interested in something — which we know you are.  

Have you found yourself spending a lot of time wondering what really goes on behind the scenes at UConn? Do you want to uncover the secrets of USG and Storrs Center, or get to interview those people whose names are at the end of all those “official” UConn emails? Join the News section, where you’ll get to be in on all the happenings of UConn while getting some quality journalistic experience. 

There are many ways to contribute at The Daily Campus other than writing, one of hem being photography. (photo by Pixabay via Pexels)

Want to cover some of the greatest (and some of the not-so-greatest) sports teams in the country? Want to write about your favorite professional teams and athletes? Join the Sports section! 

Hate writing but still want to be in on the action? Graphic designers, photographers, videographers and comic artists are always needed to make each section’s stories come alive. 

So next Sunday evening, join us from wherever you are in any of our virtual section meetings. Come ready to pitch your latest ideas — and to begin what might be the best part of your UConn experience. You won’t regret it.  

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