Huskies temporarily close to improve their COVID safety measure


A bar near the University of Connecticut was temporarily closed by the local health department in late August due to inquiries about the safety plan for the restaurant and bar.  

Huskies Bar and Restaurant and Huskies Tavern was flagged by the health department because some of the tables had been moved closer than the required six feet distance from the chair backs, Don Prokop, partial business owner said.  

“The health department came in Thursday night but they didn’t close us, they left us a checklist of things that needed to be addressed,” Prokop said. “We had addressed all of those items by 10 a.m. Friday morning and we contacted the health department to let them know.” 

The health department responded to their safety changes with a cease-and-desist order, but Huskies did not sign it. 

09/07/2020 Huskies Bar by Kevin Lindstrom Huskies Bar has an outdoor patio for dining to keep patrons distanced. Signs emphasizing social distancing and public health are displayed in all areas of the venue.

“In terms of the list of corrections, they were all made and that satisfied the cease-and-desist, with the exception that they wanted a more detailed COVID safety plan which we provided,” Prokop said. “We told them we wouldn’t sign the cease-and-desist but would voluntarily close until we came to an agreement with the health department.” 

The restaurant removed a few tables for more distance between each table and added a host to make sure people are complying with the rules.  

“In the first week, we learned that people are pushing their chairs out further than expected so we eliminated a few tables, leaving close to ten feet of space between each group,” Prokop said.   

The host serves as a reminder to people of their responsibility as customers while visiting the business.  

“We now have a host that takes every group of people from our entrance to a table and explains the rules about staying at their table unless you have to use the restroom, that you have to wear your mask if you get up from the table and that you can’t stop and socialize with friends when you’re on the way to the bathroom or your table,” Prokop said.  

The business will remain open and continue to maintain COVID-19 safety standards as the semester progresses. 

People who fail to comply with the rules will be refused service, Prokop said.  

“At best, people will be given one warning, because the responsibility of compliance falls on the business they will be asked to leave,” Prokop said.  

The business will remain open and continue to maintain COVID-19 safety standards as the semester progresses. 

“We put a lot of time and money into making our business COVID-19 compliant but I think Mansfield’s stance with students, they probably chose to check us out,” Prokop said.  

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