Lucifer Season 5 was worth the wait

Lucifer Season 5 takes place two months after Lucifer’s return to hell and kicks off with our leading man greeting a new inhabitant. Photo courtesy of @lucifernetflix on Instagram.

Warning: May contain spoilers  

More than a year after Season 4 arrived on Netflix, Season 5 of Lucifer was released on Aug. 23. Millions of fans were excited to watch the new installment, keeping the show on Netflix’s top 10 list for weeks. The devilish crime show we all know and love was originally canceled by Fox after three seasons due to low viewings in 2018. Thankfully, Netflix picked it up and has since released 18 hour-long episodes that do not disappoint, especially the last eight episodes for Season 5.  

Season 4 left off with demons from hell coming to Earth, capturing a baby and murdering countless people before taking over their bodies. This left Lucifer (Tom Ellis) no choice but to go back to the world below. To everyone’s chagrin, he said goodbye to his long-running love-interest, Detective Chloe Decker (Lauren German) and left his life in Los Angeles behind.  

Season 5 takes place two months after Lucifer’s return to hell and kicks off with our leading man greeting a new inhabitant. As Lucifer is about to torture the man, he discovers that he was murdered in Los Angeles, meaning the investigation would be under the jurisdiction of Detective Decker. Determined, Lucifer decides to solve the murder and retrace the steps that led the man to his death. On Earth, Detective Decker pursues the same endeavor. However, the situation gets dangerous for the detective at the end of the first episode, but luckily “Lucifer” swoops in and saves her.  

Soon, we discover that this is not Lucifer but the main villain in Season 5, his brother. Lucifer’s twin brother Michael is an archangel who has a grudge against his brother. Tired of everyone in heaven praising Lucifer for returning to hell and finally doing what he is supposed to, Michael decides to take over Lucifer’s glamorous life in Los Angeles. As the season progresses, it is clear he will go far lengths to turn his brother’s life upside down. Although Michael and Lucifer look exactly alike, there are clear differences. Lucifer has a British accent while his brother has an American accent. Also, Lucifer draws out people’s desires while Michael draws out people’s fears and uses them to his advantage.  

Along with a riveting new villain, this season also proves promising for Deckerstar shippers who will be satisfied to see Lucifer and Chloe’s partnership finally progress into a relationship after  

four seasons of will “they or won’t they.” As always, the new couple has had to face many barriers to reach that point, but they finally come together near the end of the season which is enough to fill every Deckerstar shipper’s heart. Other plotlines this season include Mazikeen’s (Leslie-Ann Brandt) quest for love; Amenidiel (D.B. Woodside) and Linda (Rachael Harris) taking care of their baby Charlie; and, as always, Lucifer and Detective Decker solving murders and catching criminals. This season is jam-packed with action, romance and classic Lucifer humor. The plotlines, direction, special effects and acting do not disappoint either. Happy binging!  

Rating: 5/5  

Thumbnail photo courtesy of @lucifernetflix on Instagram


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