Off The Curbside: Lizzie’s Catering off campus the rest of the semester


University of Connecticut staple Lizzie’s Curbside food truck announced that the truck will not be headed to campus for the rest of the semester due to a decrease in student business in light of COVID-19. 

Lizzie Searing, the owner of Lizzie’s Catering and Concessions, said she was hoping for more foot traffic and visitors at her stand upon returning to her spot across the street from Arjona. As a promotion, Searing and her team gave away 400 sandwiches to the freshman class. 

With a majority of students taking classes remotely, fewer customers are visiting. She described the situation as “horrifying.” 

“I miss UConn,” Searing said in a phone interview Tuesday. “And I know they miss me.” 

This is the second time Searing has had to pull away from her spot on Whitney Road as a result of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Searing described parking at UConn as a money losing situation. As a hyper, high energy person, she doesn’t want to wait around for customers in addition  to covering the costs of production. 

“For me, getting the trailer going in the morning is at least a two hour process, [there’s] people I have to pay,” she said.  

When the decision to shut down production at the Storrs campus for the semester aired on NBC Connecticut, Searing said she received an outpouring of support from customers, including those from UConn. 

1/30/17 Lizzie’s Foodtruck by Amar Batra Lizzie Searing and Courtney Sevarino working inside Lizzie’s Curbside, a food truck located in between Monteith and Arjona on Monday, Jan. 30, 2016. Lizzie’s curbside turns 26 on Wednesday.

“Day in day out is feeding UConn,” Searing said. “It’s awesome.” 

Fifth-year doctoral philosophy student Mandy Long said she understands why Lizzie won’t be on campus, and raved about her order. 

“I loved the egg sandwich with mushroom and Swiss and dill sauce, whatever it was called,” she commented. “Ugh it’s so good.” 

Searing said for those craving her cuisine, her truck will be parked at the Nathan Hale Farm and Feed farmstand on Route 44 in Coventry. Searing has and will be continuing to make appearances at local breweries.  

“Hopefully people will make the drive out,” she said. 

University spokeswoman Stephanie Reitz said in an email statement that the university looks forward to her return to campus. 

“Lizzie’s Curbside has been a fixture on Whitney Road through many generations of students, and it’s hard to imagine campus without her breakfast sandwiches and other offerings,” Reitz said. “She’ll always be part of the UConn community and we hope to see her back there as soon as she’s in a position to return.” 

Although Searing will be parked in Coventry, she is looking forward to returning to UConn. 

“I will always go back to UConn,”she said. They’re my family. I just have to work and see and have a backup so I can make ends meet.” 

“She’ll always be part of the UConn community and we hope to see her back there as soon as she’s in a position to return.” 

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