Sarah Broderick brings excitement to Werth Coffee Chat

Businesswoman, Sarah Broderick, spoke at the Werth Coffee Chat about better ways for individuals and organizations to work together. Photo courtesy of the Werth Institute.

University of Connecticut alumni Sarah Broderick was the guest speaker at the Werth Coffee Chat on Monday. The meeting, which was held over Zoom, focused on Broderick’s career as a businesswoman and entrepreneur. In 2019, Broderick founded Feat Capital & Advisory, a company which describes itself as a multiple business enterprise created to change the way individuals and organizations work together now and into the future.  

“I was coming off a very senior level role in which a large swath of my time was leading an organization during the intense beginning of the #metoo movement,” Broderick said on her inspiration for founding Feat. “It really gave me a unique vantage point to see how so many operational issues were causing companies to foster cultures that made it really hard for women to advance after a certain point in their career.”  

Broderick also mentioned that she hopes Feat will change the way companies look at gender-based initiatives.  

“So many organizations and conferences and time committed to gender-focused initiatives,” Broderick said. “But they are all focused on changing or improving the individual — coaching them how to function in today’s workforce — but no one was talking about changing the way we actually work day-to-day as a way to attract and advance and retain this valuable workforce.”  

In terms of the goals for Feat, Broderick wants to have a corporate environment in which “we stop having to highlight the first, the only, the longest tenured [fill in the blank] to attain [fill in the blank leadership role].” She also says that there are a lot of KPIs to measure her vision for Feat.  

Originally from New Mexico, Broderick attended UConn between 1997 and 2000 and majored in accounting. She was also a part of the school softball team for four years. From there, she earned her master’s degree in financial reporting from UConn in 2002. During her time at graduate school, Broderick worked at accounting firm Deloitte until 2009 when she became a senior manager. After her time with Deloitte, she spent three years with NBCUniversal where she would become the Senior Vice President. She would go on to become the Deputy Comptroller for General Electric for over two years before taking on the role as Chief Operating Officer and CFO for Vice Media until Nov. 2018.  

David Nobel, who founded the Werth Institute, hosted the event. A goal of the institute is to connect students of all different majors to entrepreneurial and educational opportunities. Werth Coffee Chat was created as a way for UConn alumni to interact with students on business and entrepreneurship opportunities in a small setting.  

Up to twelve students can attend a Coffee Chat. 

“I want students to know that there are challenges and obstacles [that] are shared and we’re part of a greater community,” Nobel said about what he hopes students will get out of attending a Coffee Chat. 

If you are interested in attending the next Werth Coffee Chat, it will be held over Zoom on Sept. 22 at 6 p.m. To reserve a spot, visit to reserve your ticket for free and once entered, you will receive a Zoom link on the day of the chat. 

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