Nutmeg Publishing: A tight-knit organization dedicated to creating portraits of student life


There are eight Tier III organizations within the University of Connecticut. Naming all of them is difficult for most students, some being more well-known than others. While popularity varies amongst these organizations, their characteristics remain the same. As stated on UConn’s SOLID website, those traits include: being “financially supported by student fees, high visibility on campus, high accountability to a large constituency of students, moderate to high risk activities, regular interaction with University staff, reliance on the University for funding, financial support [and] facilities and event planning support.” Considering Tier III organizations play such a large role in the UConn community, it’s important to highlight the ones that are not as visible. Take Nutmeg Publishing, for example. 

Nutmeg may not have the most perceptible presence on campus, but their efforts behind the scenes to create meaningful content make them the hidden gem of UConn. Maybe you didn’t know that the university has produced a yearbook every year since 1915, nor that the yearbook is essentially Nutmeg’s main project. As seen in their comedic street interview posted on their Instagram page, the fact that UConn even has a yearbook is unbeknownst to many. 

The concept of a college yearbook may seem redundant. After getting one every year from first to 12th grade, you’ve probably grown tired of it. However, there’s no better way to commemorate four years of hard work than a book featuring portraits of graduates, campus events and general student life. Not to mention, every graduating senior gets one for free. 

Yearbooks aren’t the only commodity Nutmeg is in charge of. Their magazine is a fairly new aspect to the organization, having started in 2015, but it contains some of the most interesting content. You can access the latest issue and past issues on their website where there is also a link to subscribe for free. For the magazine, students submit any type of content that goes along with the specific topic for that issue. Their Spring 2020 issue covered quarantine life, featuring poems, art, recipes and other submissions having to do with life during a pandemic. 

Alex Kim, a fifth-semester finance major who’s currently serving as Nutmeg’s business manager for a second year in a row, had a lot to say when asked about why he wanted to join the organization. 

“I just didn’t know that we had a yearbook on campus until I saw a job opening on Daily Digest,” Kim said. “And I think it’s really cool to be a part of because we get to document some of the most fun, important, special years of your life in a yearbook and that’s not something most big schools like us can do.” 

Located at the Student Union 212, Nutmeg publishing is run by UConn students and releases magazines as well as yearbook. File Photo / The Daily Campus.

As for Nutmeg’s plans this semester, Kim was happy to answer. 

“We’re still gonna be offering senior portraits and making a yearbook, and we’re gonna find ways to cover events, student groups and highlight what a resilient community we are even during this time,” Kim said. “Especially when we’re all virtual and separate, I think we can use the yearbook to really show the diverse student body we have on campus.” 

The rise of a global pandemic has certainly raised challenges for organizations on campus. Nutmeg is one of the many who are trying to make the best out of the situation. As a last remark, Kim commented on the goals of the organization as well as the benefits of joining. 

“We’re a small but tight-knit group and a yearbook may not seem like much in college, but we’d like to change the conversation around that,” Kim said. “We’ve done a lot this past year to get more recognition and it’s a great place to be part of a publication for the thousands of seniors that get our yearbook and all the student population that gets featured in various ways!” 

Now is a proper time to advocate for connection within the UConn community. Through their efforts to produce works that celebrate student life, Nutmeg Publishing is striving to do just that. 

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