Feel Good Friday: UConn Rec Center brings back Cycle Share program

A bike is taken out to the hills from the Cycle Share program. Now, students can rent bikes from the Rec Center. (Photo courtesy of UConn Office of Sustainability)

The University of Connecticut Rec Center is offering its Cycle Share program for the semester, giving students the opportunity to enjoy socially distanced activities. 

The Cycle Share program opened at the beginning of September with two rental rate options for students to choose from. These options are semester-long rentals or week-long rentals. The semester-long rentals cost $50, while the week-long rentals cost $10. 

In addition to these rentals, Cycle Share is also offering its “Ask a Mechanic Hour” every Wednesday from 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. and Friday from 4:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. This is a time for students to meet one-on-one with one of the Rec Center’s Student Bike Mechanics to ask questions. 

“This is a time when members may utilize our shop resources under the supervision of one of our Student Bike Mechanics,” the website reads. “Our bike mechanics will be around to provide advice while you have access to use our facility and approved tools.” 

A pleasant day at the Depot Campus. Depot Campus is a great student recommended site for biking. (Photo courtesy of Owen Spangler)

Owen Spangler, a third-semester civil engineering major, said that he feels this is a great way for students to go out and have socially distanced fun. In particular, he said that biking to the Depot Campus is a good way for beginning bikers to find their footing. 

“I always think that a ride to Depot Campus is a great start for people trying to expand beyond campus,” Spangler said. “It has one big hill, but it’s mostly flat and mostly made up of quiet back roads or bike trails.” 

Additionally, Spangler said that biking to the UConn forest is a fun way to combine both biking and hiking into one trip. Biking, he said, makes it significantly easier to reach the forest itself. 

“Biking is also great if you’re trying to go hiking in UConn forest… The trails can be kind of far from residence halls,” Spangler said. 

While Spangler said there are numerous trails that can be found outside campus, he noted that the Storrs campus itself had plenty of places for students looking to bike. In particular, he noted the loop near Horsebarn Hill as a trail close to campus for students to use. 

“But there are plenty of places to ride on campus, even doing the Horsebarn Hill loop is fine,” Spangler said. 

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