UCTV allows students to make a variety of film content

Behind the scenes in the UCTV Studio for the News Department. File photo/The Daily Campus.

Have you ever wanted to air on television? Do you like film, production or want to bring your creative ideas to life? UConn Student Television (UCTV) is a student-run television station that has been around since 1991, allowing students to have hands-on experience creating content that airs on HuskyVision Channel 14.  

Assistant General Manager Kathleen Cruz joined UCTV during her freshman year.  

“I was interested in filmmaking going into college and I wanted to pursue a career in media/entertainment postgrad, so the idea of being involved from an on-campus television station was especially exciting to me,” Cruz, a fifth-semester marketing major, said. “UCTV was actually the very first organization that I joined on campus, and it’s been the organization I stuck with the longest. What made me stay was the hand-on experience I got from going to events, working with professional equipment, and eventually, managing the organization.”  

UCTV offers students filming equipment to utilize to work on projects at zero cost along with using their office to edit video. Students also have the opportunities to run for executive board positions, production managers and board of directors who oversee the six departments: Advertising, Entertainment, Events, Film, News, and Sports.  

Richard Zheng, a new member of the marketing team and former member of the Advertising department, is looking forward to hosting events and other get-togethers to expand the UCTV brand in the process of its rebranding.  

“From the start I have always been interested in photography and videography and when I found out about UCTV, I knew that it would be the right fit,” Zheng, a fifth-semester management information system major, said. “I also heard so many great things about the organization and decided to check it out for myself. The people in the organization, no matter which UCTV branch you go into, are so welcoming and nice. It will feel like home. It was a great experience!” 

“I hope students are able to hone their filmmaking skills and find common grounds in the departments they choose to join,” Cruz said.  

The UCTV office suite located in the Student Union where they edit and export video content. File photo/The Daily Campus.

Each department focuses on different aspects of content creation. The Advertisement department makes commercials custom to organizations or businesses to be aired on UCTV and posted online. Students in the Entertainment department make TV shows, skits, film and music videos. The Event department covers on-campus events. Similar to Entertainment, the Film department focuses on larger-scale projects that are showcased to students through screenings and film festivals. The News and Sports departments’ content revolves around student news and sporting events. In each department, you can pitch ideas of what you want to create and help others with their projects. 

Zheng and Cruz recommend students check out each branch to see what fits them best and explain that they are not limited to just one. 

“I hope students are able to find out more about themselves while pursuing something that they have a passion for during their time at UCTV,” Zheng said. “As a creative outlet, I love to see when people’s creativity go[es] wild and they create something that is magnificent. Art is another way to express yourself and I hope that students who participate in UCTV are able to express themselves in whatever form they see fit.” 

UCTV are also able to be paid for filming various events on campus with proper training from the team in the Business Production department.  

Some coverage that UCTV has done in the past are student organization events, programs within UConn’s cultural centers, interviews with UConn athletes and much more.

Students who are interested in joining UCTV are encouraged to check out their Instagram page @uctvchannel14 and contact the departments they are interested in. Meetings are held virtually this semester with some on-campus projects available to students willing to record in-person. 

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