Bad clubs equal good times

Many of the 800+ clubs at UConn take on Fairfield Way for the Spring 2019 Involvement Fair. For fun we asked students around UConn to come up with concepts of the worst clubs to add to the list. File photo / The Daily Campus.

For a moment of levity, Reddit user u/TrashAccount9387 asked UConn Reddit on Thursday Sept. 24 what the worst UConn in-person club would be, causing a flurry of amusing ideas.  

In the initial post, Reddit user u/TrashAccount9387 pitched four ideas, including Bull Running Club and Virus Club.  

“Every fall semester, we start by taking all of the freshmen out onto Fairfield Way and forcing them to participate in a bull run,” Reddit user u/TrashAccount9387 said. “If you survive, you get a free UConn bull run T-shirt. If you die, your roommate gets all A’s.”  

Some of the comments shared ideas like Lying Club, Caveman Club and Asthma Support group.  

“I had an idea my first semester to start the UConn Lying Club,” Reddit user u/ButIDontReallyKnow commented. “Only thing you do is just go to meetings and lie. Apologize for being late because your bike had a flat tire. It didn’t. Discuss how proud you are that you got a 95 on your chem midterm. You did terrible because you’re a terrible student. Share opinions that you don’t actually hold, and talk about how your day wasn’t.”  

The Daily Campus messaged u/TrashAccount9387 to ask about why they created the bad club post, but they did not respond before publication.  

Instead, The Daily Campus reached out to some University of Connecticut undergraduates to see what their worst club ideas were.  

Saumya Shah, a fifth-semester computer science and engineering major, said her pick would be Meme Club. Even though it has a silly premise, she might actually join.  

“Like a book club, Meme Club is where meme enthusiasts gather weekly to discuss their favorite memes and share ones they’ve made,” Shah said. “Or it could just be a simple group chat. Meme club also hosts talks about the origins of memes and their potential cultural impacts.”  

Viktoria Sinani, a fifth-semester molecular and cell biology and animal science double major, said that the worst club she could think of is Fridge Club. 

“[It would be] where people look at different fridge models,” she said. “It’s like a car club, but with fridges.”  

Chrystal Charles, a seventh-semester psychological studies major, said she had two clubs ideas: Hole Digging Club and Lactose Intolerance Club.  

“Hole Digging Club [can be] where we go around ruining UConn’s landscaping,” Charles said. “Lactose Intolerance Club [can be] where we just eat as much dairy as we can each meeting until we tap out.”  

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