Start planning for Spring 2021


With the recent release of Spring 2021 housing plans, University of Connecticut students should start preparing for the upcoming semester. These preparations may consist of deciding what classes to take, finding the mode of instruction for these classes and making decisions regarding living situations. 

As of now, it appears the spring semester will look very similar to the fall semester. On-campus housing will once again have a reduced capacity of about 50% occupancy and classes will be held in similar formats to what is currently available — in person, distance learning, hybrid, split and online. 

“In order to be well-prepared for the spring semester, students should start planning now.”

Although this may be disappointing for many students, it is important to understand this is the best solution with respect to the situation, especially from a public health and safety standpoint. In addition to the COVID-19 pandemic, the spring semester will overlap with flu season, making it even more important that students adhere to strict social distancing guidelines, continue to wear masks and practice good hygiene. 

In order to be well-prepared for the spring semester, students should start planning now. Class selection opens on Oct. 26, so it may be a good idea to schedule an advising appointment to discuss options, especially given the different modes of instruction. 

As for housing, on Oct. 5 a Housing Confirmation form in the “MyHousing” portal opened for students interested in living on campus next semester. This form will be available until Nov. 6. Once the form is submitted, the Department of Residential Life (ResLife) will take the form as well as other priorities into account while determining housing placements for Spring 2021. These other priorities are detailed in the email from ResLife sent to students on Oct. 2 and include students living on campus during the Fall 2020 semester, students with a hardship that makes it impossible to live anywhere except on campus, international students enrolled in online or in-person classes, athletes participating in athletic competitions, both out-of-state and in-state students enrolled in in-person classes and students who have been newly admitted to UConn for the Spring 2021 semester. 

We’re entering another semester of school during the COVID-19 pandemic in what many would describe as less-than-favorable circumstances. But by being proactive and scheduling out our classes and living situations as early as possible, we can have a smooth transition to the spring semester! It will be Spring 2021 before you know it, and it is best to be prepared. 

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