Get Toasted: Getting bubbly with mimosas


According to Wikipedia, “a mimosa cocktail is composed of champagne and chilled citrus juice, usually orange juice unless otherwise specified.” This week, I decided to explore the otherwise specified aspect of the definition. With champagne in hand and various juices in the other, I became a mimosa mixologist and poured variations of the first-class flyer and bottomless brunch special many have come to know and love. Here’s how it went.  

Disclaimer: The author of this column is 21. Drink responsibly. 

Photo courtesy of the author

Apple Cider Mimosas 

The mimosa tasting started with a bang. One part apple cider and another part champagne. Topped off with whipped cream, this was my personal favorite of the trio. The mimosa had a welcomed apple pie flavoring and paired well with the changing leaves. If I were to make this drink again, I would add cinnamon sugar on top for more festive flavoring. This mimosa would be an awesome independent staple on a brunch menu or would pair well with freshly-made croissants.   

Cranberry Pomegranate Mimosas 

The second mimosa had a tart flavor that complemented the champagne well. If I were to make this mimosa again, I would add more juice. Since the bottle of juice was already opened, there wasn’t as much juice in this one compared to the other drinks. Plus, I am also personally a fan of cranberry juice. If I were to pair this with a brunch staple or snack, I think I would welcome the pairing of this with a quiche or a stack of chocolate chip pancakes. 

Grapefruit Mimosas 

To wrap up the tasting, I took the first part of the mimosa definition into account. The prominent grapefruit flavor resulted in subtle hints of champagne, but the flavor is an interesting stray from the classic orange juice mimosa. Like the apple cider mimosa, I think this mimosa could be sipped independently or with a croissant, especially since grapefruit has a dominant flavor.   

When my time as a mixologist concluded – at least for this week’s column – I thought of other juices I wanted to try in a mimosa: strawberry-kiwi, mango, pomegranate-blueberry and watermelon. Mimosas are so simple to make, yet they taste great. No wonder brunch-goers prefer them bottomless. Next time you want to spice up your homemade brunch or small socially-distanced gathering, consider breaking out your flutes, champagne and getting creative.  

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