Roundtable: Who will come out of the NFC East on top?

Dallas Cowboys’ Amari Cooper (19) reaches the end zone for a two-point conversion during the second half of an NFL football game against the Cleveland Browns in Arlington, Texas, Sunday, Oct. 4, 2020. Photo by Ron Jenkins/AP Photo.

As is the case every NFL season, there have been plenty of surprise teams so far, some stepping up their game and looking hot early, while others have failed to meet expectations. But for the first time in years, it looks as though there is an entire division that is flat out bad to start the year, that being the NFC East. The Philadelphia Eagles are leading the way at an impressive 1-2-1 with the Washington Football Team and Dallas Cowboys hot on their tail at 1-3 through four weeks of play. This begs the questions, who is the best of the worst? In this week’s roundtable, the DC Sports Section will be making our predictions as to who will rise from the ashes and claim the division title in what appears to be one of the worst divisions we’ve seen in years. Let’s get into it. 

Dylan Haviland
Campus Correspondent 

Hello everyone, resident Giants fan here. Try not to cry for me. I already am. The Cowboys should and will win this division. Dak Prescott has had an insane start to this season, averaging over 400 yards a game through the first four, showing Jerry Jones why he should have paid him in the offseason and single handedly keeping the Cowboys in these games. The defense has looked bad yes, but give it time. Mike McCarthy just came in over the offseason and still has time to right the ship. Besides, this defense was one of the best in the league a few years ago and are now dealing with injuries to some key guys on all levels. Once they are all back and healthy, expect this team to make a run, especially with a pretty easy schedule the next four weeks. 


Washington Football Team cornerback Kendall Fuller (29) is greeted by defensive tackle Tim Settle (97) after he intercepted the ball during the first half of an NFL football game against the Baltimore Ravens, Sunday, Oct. 4, 2020, in Landover, Md. Photo by Steve Helber/AP Photo.

Danny Barletta 
Sports Editor 

Assuming the season actually finishes, which definitely isn’t a guarantee with COVID-19 running rampant through the NFL right now, I believe 2020 is going to get even weirder with the Washington Football Team winning the NFC East. They were expected to be horrible this year, and they have been. But guess what? The rest of the NFC East teams have been horrible too. The Cowboys can’t play defense, the Eagles struggle to put up points and the Giants don’t know what the hell they’re doing. Put all that together, and you have a recipe for the Football Team to steal the division with something like a 6-10 record. They can win a few games with the strength of their defense like we saw in Week 1, and while new starter Kyle Allen isn’t good, he wasn’t horrible with the Panthers last year and led them to five wins in his 12 starts. Washington is not a good team, but with some rare 2020 good fortune, I think they can win this awful division. 

Cole Stefan 
Campus Correspondent 

I have to stay strong with my honest opinion and pick the Dallas Cowboys. I am not saying that just because Dak Prescott has been phenomenal these first four weeks nor because Ezekiel Elliott has been okay. Nor am I saying that because the Cowboys have one of the best receiving corps in the game with Amari Cooper, CeeDee Lamb and Michael Gallup. It has to come down to the fact that after four games, the Cowboys have been playing the closest out of any other team in the NFC Least. The Cowboys have lost three closely contested games to the Rams, Seahawks, and Browns, and even got a free win against the Atlanta Falcons. All of these teams have looked good, and so do the Cowboys. Overall, in a division where winning is hard to come by, the Dallas Cowboys will ride out the storm, go 5-1 against their NFC East opponents and take home the NFC East, keeping the streak of no one winning the division in consecutive years alive. Should the Cowboys lose to the Giants though, then things get interesting.  

Philadelphia Eagles linebacker Alex Singleton (49) celebrates with teammates after returning an interception for a touchdown during the second half of an NFL football game against the San Francisco 49ers in Santa Clara, Calif., Sunday, Oct. 4, 2020. Photo by Jed Jacobsohn/AP Photo.

Ben Berg  
Staff Writer 

It’s almost impressive how bad the NFC East is this year. Surprisingly, the 0-4 New York Giants have the division’s most competent defense while the 1-3 Cowboys have the best offense by a significant margin. That being said, neither of these seemingly cursed teams will be in the playoffs this year. And no, the quarterback duo of Dwayne Haskins and Kyle Allen will not get the Washington Football Team there either. The division winners will be the Philadelphia Eagles, who are the only team in the East that’s earned any amount of trust. They’ve gone to the playoffs in three straight years with a Super Bowl along the way and very little roster turnover. Yes, they’ve lost Nick Foles and Malcolm Jenkins in recent years and they’re constantly battling injuries from top to bottom, but they’re the most well-rounded team with the best track record. And with a sparkling record of 1-2-1, they are currently first in the division. Gimme the Eagles. Reluctantly.  

Mike Mavredakis 
Staff Writer 

As a noted football expert, I am putting all my stock into Dak the Maniac and the Dallas Cowboys. Do I know why? No, no I don’t. I just thought of that nickname and now I’m proud of myself. So if you, like me, are a football historian then you know you should also pick the Cowboys – who are totally not a bad football team. Book it. 

Miami Dolphins cornerback Xavien Howard (25) intercepts a pass in the endzone, during the second half of an NFL football game, Sunday, Oct. 4, 2020 in Miami Gardens, Fla. The Seahawks defeated the Dolphins 31-23. Photo by Wilfredo Lee/AP Photo.

Campus Correspondent 

The obvious choice is the Miami Dolphins. Now this may sound like a strange call, given the Dolphins play in the AFC East, but stay with me. If there is one thing that the NFC East needs right now is a shake up to get the field actually interested in putting up numbers, rather than stagnating in whatever they are doing right now. The solution to this is to simply swap the Miami Dolphins and the New York Giants. It would create an almost completely even field inside the NFC East, which might drive the teams to actually work hard. You might ask yourself, “Wait, wouldn’t this mess up the AFC East?” But let’s be honest, the Patriots and the Bills are the only teams people care about in the AFC East anyway, so don’t worry about it. This move would also create a fun inter-New York rivalry. So mark my words and order your Miami jerseys, because the Dolphins are going straight to the top of the NFC East. 

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