InForm launched as hub for UConn incident reporting


The University of Connecticut has launched a new website where students and others can easily find appropriate resources and support following an incident, Stephanie Reitz, UConn spokesperson said.  

“The new site simplifies the reporting process by letting people go to the InForm site as a central resource where they can also use a ‘form finder’ tool to locate the best report for their situation depending on their identity, the identity of the other party or parties involved, the type of incident and other factors,” Reitz said in UConn Today.  

The website was developed by the Division of Student Affairs in partnership with a number of university departments.  

‘The new site simplifies the reporting process.”

“It is my sincere hope that this site demystifies the reporting process and helps reporters feel confident that their concerns will be addressed appropriately and know that support is available to them,” President Thomas Katsouleas said in a letter to the UConn community.  

InForm stands to act as a hub for all existing and new forms a student might look for.  

“Types of incidents that can be reported through InForm include academic integrity or scholarly misconduct; bias-related incidents; violations of policy or law; crime, including anonymous tips; discrimination and/or harassment; hazing; concerns about off-campus parties; workplace concerns; safety threats, to oneself or others; sexual and gender misconduct; student or student organization behavior; or other incidents,” Reitz said.  

The new process is an attempt to simplify the reporting process at UConn and make it more accessible to students and others, Reitz said.  

“When a person clicks on the issue or concern that applies, it automatically connects people with the appropriate form,” Reitz said. “Since this isn’t a replacement of the current system, this doesn’t supplant or supersede other reports; it just makes the process easier and smoother for those seeking to make a report to the correct university office.”  

InForm is available to anyone coming into contact with the UConn community, Reitz said.  

“Most forms can be anonymous, while a few others regarding employee issues may need a contact person so the University can follow up,” Reitz said. “It follows a regular process of each department receiving the forms, with each department having information on its website about what happens after a report is filed.”  

Breanna McFarlane, sixth-semester CLAS student, was one of many who participated in a workgroup that helped develop the website.  

“Having these forms and resources located in one place is going to make it easier for students to report bias-related incidents and know about support services that are available to us,” McFarlane said. “Furthermore, it will allow the administrator to be more informed about incidents that are happening at UConn, so they can take better care of the diverse student population.” 

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