Get Toasted: Easy breakfasts for your weekday commute


Fun fact: I am a commuter student. My commute is over an hour. I’m used to it, but it has made my time in the morning much more precious. Between the drive, finding parking and back-to-back classes, my in-person class days are booked. For those days, I like to make sure I take time to fuel up for the day. Whether you have 30 seconds or five minutes, making time to fuel up for the day will give you the energy to stay focused. Here are some of my morning go-to’s: 

Disclaimer: While cooking please be responsible and do not leave appliances unattended. Be responsible while commuting, do not drive distracted. 

Got five minutes? 

photograpy of dressed food
Gordon-Ramsey-it-up with this simple avocado toast with egg recipe. Photo by Daria Shevtsova on

Toss some Italian bread in the toaster and fire up the coffee-maker. In a pan, make some over-easy eggs. When the over-easy eggs are almost complete, add some salt and pepper. Grab a pre-packaged container of guacamole and spread it on the toast. Add the egg on top of the toast and some hot sauce for extra-kick (if you’re into that) and you have a protein-filled breakfast. 

Got two minutes? 

delicious breakfast bagel and black coffee
Running late? Start your day with a fresh, toasted bagel. Photo by Vova Krasilnikov on

Slice a bagel in half and throw it in your toaster. Prepare your coffee. When the bagel is ready, grab a Babybel cheese wedge and spread the creamy cheese on your bagel. For extra flavor, grab some everything bagel seasoning and sprinkle it on top.    

Got one minute? 

white ceramic bowl with food
Especially in the fall weather, a warm oatmeal is always a great idea. Photo by Taryn Elliott on

Sixty-second oats are the way to go for this one. While your coffee (or tea) is brewing, boil one cup of water or milk. Add a 1/2 cup of oats and stir. Once the oatmeal is ready, feel free to add some toppings. I like to add cinnamon and honey to my oatmeal, but you could also add fruit. To save time, prepare the toppings while the oatmeal is cooking. 

Got 30 seconds? 

red strawberry and raspberry on white ceramic bowl
In a real bug time crunch? Opt for a simple yogurt, fruit, or protein bar! Photo by Life Of Pix on

On days like this, I’m sure breakfast is the last thing on your mind, but if you still want to fuel up, grab a cheese stick or a yogurt and a piece of fruit. If you are looking for more substance, I like to add nuts or dry cereal to my yogurt. Protein bars are also great for situations like this, and they can be easily stowed away in your backpack once you get to your destination. 

Got time the night before? 

berries blackberries blueberries bowls
Can you name a healthier breakfast than a nice fruit salad? Photo by Pixabay on

Making preparations the night before will help you save time in the morning. Slicing some fruit and placing it in a reusable container, pre-measuring ingredients and making sure your travel mug and cooking equipment are clean have been life-savers for me. 

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