InForm: A step in the right direction


As most University of Connecticut students know, reporting incidents has historically been difficult. Due to this, on Thursday, Oct. 8, UConn President Thomas Katsouleas sent out an email with details about a new reporting site called “InForm,” which is meant to be a tool to ensure that the reporting process is much easier. 

“InForm” is a new reporting site created to ensure the efficiency of the reporting process. With the new reporting site, students can report situations involving undergraduate academic integrity, bias related incidents, crime tips, discrimination and/or harassment, hazing, off- campus parties, safety concerns, graduate scholarly misconduct, sexual and gender misconduct, student or student organization misbehavior, violation of policy or law, as well as workplace concerns. Photo via InForm website.

InForm helps students with the reporting process as well as provides support. According to the website, incidents that students can report may involve academic integrity (undergraduate), bias related incidents, crime tips, discrimination and/or harassment, hazing, off-campus parties, safety concerns, scholarly misconduct (graduate school), sexual and gender misconduct, student or student organization misbehavior, violation of policy or law, as well as workplace concerns. A full list with descriptions can be found by clicking on the “What Can I Report?” tab on the home page. 

The website is well-organized; there are different tabs that help students select which forms they need to fill out and there are clear instructions. So, students can report incidents correctly and in an efficient manner. The hope is that students take advantage of this resource and that this helps with the reporting process. 

Over the summer, multiple anonymous Instagram accounts were created so that students could anonymously share their experiences with bias — namely racism and sexual assault — on campus. Many of these negative experiences showed the poor reporting and responses in place to help students who face racism and/or sexual violence. 

The creation of InForm should ensure that incidents are properly reported and that responses are adequate and timely. InForm is an example of how UConn is stepping up and creating a more positive environment for its students. 

In order to submit a report, students can click on the “Submit a Report” tab and then choose which form to fill out based on the incident that they wish to report. If students are unsure which form to fill out, there is a form finder available that gives more information regarding each type of report. 

The InForm website should streamline the reporting process, protect students and support them. We, at The Daily Campus, encourage students to use this platform and applaud the university administration for creating this website. We hope that this new innovation is complemented by an administrative commitment to meet survivors’ claims with respect and action. 

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