Students create food accounts to highlight UConn dining


University of Connecticut students have created Instagram accounts dedicated to food discoveries at two university dining halls.  

An admin of on Instagram, who wished to remain anonymous, said the account was created to highlight the geometrical variety found in the pizza served at the McMahon dining hall. 

“Have you ever noticed it’s never a normal slice of pizza?” they asked. “The world needs to know.” 

At time of publication, the Instagram account has 379 instagram followers. They say the account is slowly expanding and are hoping to get merchandise out soon. They go through their DMs and regularly post every slice they receive, and claim the more misshapen ones make for more entertaining content. The account also gives credit to the accounts that submit content to the page. 

“It makes quality content,” an admin said. “I’ve eaten it [the pizza] from time to time.” 

Even though their preferred dining hall pizza is the cheese from McMahon, they said their preferred dining halls are Whitney for breakfast and South for dinner. 

“You have to get the Mcmahon pizza,” they said. “Everyone uses the toaster, but it’s not right you know? The crusts shouldn’t be at the end of the pizza.” 

@wehatesouth on Instagram account was created by one of the admins who thought of the idea after trying South dining hall food for the first time.  

“I like making Instagram accounts for fun,” they said. “I had the idea the week before.” 

At the time of publication, the account has 2,817 followers. Admins said they had high expectations for the dining hall after hearing good things about it. 

“The food was atrocious,” one admin said. “We heard it was good, there was hope going into it and there were no options. They don’t season their food, salt was three miles away when they made their food.” 

Their preferred dining halls? Northwest and Putnam.  

Like the pizza account, @wehatesouth receives photo submissions from students and gives credit to the account that shared the photo.  

“A lot of people like to send their disgusting-looking food and we credit them,” they said. 

Although they created this account, they are grateful for the opportunity to attend university on a campus and that they are provided meals.  

“It’s fun to make fun of things,” they said. 

Dennis Pierce, the director of dining services at UConn, said through email he did not know about the accounts, but concerns related to food served at dining halls can be shared with dining services. 

“If these contain concerns about some aspect of Dining I would refer them to our website where we have a process where individuals can bring their concerns to our attention so we may remedy the situation,” he wrote. and @wehatesouth know about each other’s presence, but have acknowledged they are not affiliated with each other.  

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