Get Toasted: @ The Laurel Diner


Over the weekend, I tried out a breakfast and lunch spot with my friends that has been on my list for awhile. The Laurel Diner is a small breakfast and lunch spot with plenty of variety.  

My friends and I got to the diner a little after 8 a.m. on Saturday and the five of us were able to sit comfortably. Since it was our first time going, I called ahead to see if they could accommodate five people due to the pandemic, and they said it was possible if tables were open. After 9 a.m., the place started to get more busy and there was a waiting list. We did go on a weekend, so that could be a crowd factor.  

After we sat down, we looked at the walls that serve as a menu, decorating the restaurant with specials. The diner takes advantage of the space it has, including a bar seating option that offers guests the classic diner experience with a perfect view of the grill. After ordering a coffee — an everyday coffee — I asked them if they had flavors. The waitress said no, which was no big deal to me. The coffee with refills was over $2, which is average for refillable coffees in my opinion, but still great value. 

After conversing with my waitress, I decided to go with the pumpkin, Oreo and Nutella pancakes with a side of crispier bacon (I personally like my bacon crispy). The wait wasn’t too long, especially with the company of friends. 

When my pancakes came, the first thing I noticed was the presentation of the pancakes.  

My order consisted of two warm pumpkin pancakes cooked with Oreo bits. Nutella was sandwiched between the two flapjacks and was smeared on top with dollops of whipped cream. The pancakes themselves were good and the fixings added an inviting, rich kick to the breakfast that made it feel more like a dessert. The bacon was good too and complimented the sweetness from the desert-like breakfast. Since it was rich and filling, however, I could not finish my food. 

You know a meal is good when the volume of the table changes from chatter to almost quiet. The spread had a unique variety, ranging from classics like eggs and shredded potatoes, to Cap’n Crunch french toast.  

The total for my breakfast was under $20, but if you wanted a more economical breakfast, their menu includes a variety of options for under $10. 

Overall, I had a pleasant experience. The service was fairly quick and the food was good. The waitstaff was also welcoming and friendly, which enhances a good experience at any establishment.   

The only con: the drive. The diner, located in Southbury, is about 20 or so minutes from my house and over an hour from UConn and an hour and 14 minutes from The Daily Campus Building. But if you decide to go, make sure you bring cash, since it’s cash only– and an appetite. 

Overall rating: 4.47/5  

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