‘So You Think UConn Sing’ for the kids?


Whether you’re a solo act, a rapper, a band, an acapella group or any other kind of musician, HuskyTHON invites you to participate in its interactive virtual event, “So You Think UConn Sing” for a chance to be the headlining performance at HuskyTHON 2021.  

According to Director of Entertainment Abbey Conrad, auditions for the event will be open until 11:59 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 1. Musicians who are interested must fill out the application form online, which can be found in the Instagram bio @HuskyTHON, and submit an audition video that will be shown at the event. The audition video must be no longer than three minutes in length. Participants may perform any non-explicit song they want, but they must begin the video explaining what HuskyTHON means to them and why they want to perform at HuskyTHON 2021.  

Students may submit a video through the application, or by emailing conrad@huskython.org if the file size is too big. Once all submissions are in, they will be reviewed by Conrad and her Entertainment Captains to decide who will compete in the event.  

“The criteria that the Entertainment Captains will be using to select which musicians will compete include engagement, energy, uniqueness, appropriateness for HuskyTHON and overall performance strength,” Conrad, a fifth-semester marketing major, said. 

According to Conrad, the event will take place on Tuesday, Nov. 10 at 7 p.m. via YouTube Live on HuskyTHON’s YouTube channel. Audience members can tune in to watch the submissions and after the live stream ends, voting will be open for 24 hours. Both the live stream and HuskyTHON’s Instagram page will provide instructions on how to cast your vote. Viewers can vote by donating $2 to the So You Think UConn Sing: HuskyTHON Headliner Competition Donor Drive page. After donating, you receive a link to the voting form via email. 

“If a voter is also a HuskyTHON participant, their $2 donation will be moved to their personal donor drive page after the event,” Conrad said. “This means that everyone who is currently registered for HuskyTHON 2021 will get their $2 voting fee put into their personal donor drive. If voters are not registered, their donations will count towards the general HuskyTHON 2021 fundraising total.” 

Once voting closes, the winner of the competition will be announced the next day via Instagram as the headliner for HuskyTHON 2021. The winner is guaranteed a full 30-minute set at the 18-hour dance marathon. However, musicians who do not win the competition may still be asked to perform at HuskyTHON 2021, according to Conrad.  

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