Roundtable: Favorite Halloween candy

halloween candy and decorations
A plate of relatively unappetizing candy compared to the favorite candies the Life Section have. Photo by Karolina Grabowska on

While the COVID-19 pandemic will certainly change the way, we celebrate Halloween this year, our desire for candy every Oct. 31 will never change. With so many classics to choose from, it can be hard to determine which Halloween staple is the best. In preparation for this weekend, the Life Section set out to name our absolute favorites. 

Ian Ward, CC  

My favorite Halloween candy has to be Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. There is something about them that is iconic. As a kid, I always liked seeing the Halloween packaging on the cups whenever I went trick-or-treating. A close second for favorite candy would be Skittles. The variations in fruit flavors always got me excited as a kid, since I liked counting each color of Skittles when I opened a pack. I don’t know what the popular candy is with kids now, but if I were a kid today, I would go with Reese’s and Skittles for Halloween.  

Jordana Castelli, SW 

Now I’m usually a sour candy type of girl, but Halloween is different. I eat candy almost every day of the year… and yes, I know that’s bad. Halloween is all about the chocolate for me, my favorite being Kit Kats. I’m not a dark chocolate person, and too much sweetness can often make me feel nauseous, so Kit Kats are the perfect combo. The delicious milk chocolate combined with the crispy wafer creates the perfect duo. I love the crunch and the balancing of the two flavors. If Kit Kats aren’t in the Halloween bowl, then I would go for something with a similar balance, like Crunch Bars or Twix. Pretty much, if it’s not pure chocolate then it’s for me. But don’t get me wrong, I’ll never turn down anything that isn’t a vegetable.  

brown chocolate bar on multicolored surface
An image of the wrath of an absolute monster who broke this Kit Kat bar. The Life Section reflects on their favorite candies. Photo by Ekrulila on

Lesly Nerette, CC 

Halloween: The only time of year when I become a connoisseur of all things terribly bad for you. There are too many icons lined up every year, but only one has caught my eye incessantly: Lifesaver Gummy Rings. I will walk to the ends of the earth for this precious little sweet and sour royalty every Halloween. The range of flavor this candy holds is often imitated, but never duplicated. The only downside to a candy such as this is that you only get one per package. They are truly a fleeting dream, but I guess most good things are. Lifesaver Gummy Rings have my heart, but runners-up are definitely Jolly Ranchers and Twix. Be sure to save these in your bag so we can trade candy at the end of the night, ok? Thanks in advance! 

Gino Giansanti, CC 

If there is one Halloween tradition I thoroughly miss from childhood, it would have to be coming home from trick-or-treating and dumping my entire stash of candy on the floor. My friends and I would assess the damage and divvy up our conquests, trading candy to fill our bag full of our favorites. Anyone else remember that? 

Clearly, college Gino is not so different from eight-year-old Gino, as I fought for Kit Kats then and I’ll fight for Kit Kats today. I’ve always been partial to chocolate as opposed to sour and fruity candy, but sometimes just a solid Hershey bar doesn’t cut it. Like Jordi, I believe Kit Kats bring the best of both worlds, with the contrast of the crispy wafer balancing out the rich chocolate coating. And not only that, Kit Kats can break into perfectly precise pieces, whether for sharing or saving some for later. As you can imagine, I do not take part in either activity, but it’s still nice to know you can. All I can say is that after this week of midterms and papers, I need a break — a break of that Kit Kat bar, that is. 

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