UCTV: The power of videography

The UConn Student Television (UCTV) crew poses for a photo. UCTV has been helping students stay connected while students have been separated by providing media content to enjoy. Photo provided by Natalie Casanova

Staying connected, especially over a distance, is something we have all had to practice this year. Simultaneously, tapping into gifts left undiscovered is something we all strive to do throughout our lives, even without the help of a pandemic. There is one group in particular that has mastered both communicating over a distance and pursuing the art given to them: UConn Student Television (UCTV). I had the pleasure of interviewing the group to discuss who they are, how long they have shared their videography talents with UConn and what they plan to do in the future. 

So, what exactly is UCTV? The organization provides media content for students and staff alike to enjoy. According to Ryan Panny, a seventh-semester communications major and the station’s general manager, UCTV “not only provides students with content that shows the life of on-campus activities, but also allows students to get hands-on experience both with the video realm and editing.”  

The range of content that UCTV has pushed out throughout the years is quite impressive! Since their establishment in 1991, the group has been able to adapt with current trends in media, creating original content and mastering technology used to push out such works. They are surely amazing with everything aforementioned, but how has UCTV fared with 2020 and the ongoing pandemic? 

“We’ve just been really focused on everything that comes in and out being sanitized properly,” Nat Casanova, a seventh-semester human rights and political science major, said. Casanova works as the operations manager of UCTV. “Within the studio, it used to be a lounge space where we could come in and hang out as a community; this year, we’ve had to unfortunately limit this.” 

Pictured (from left to right) is Pietro Fernandez, Natalie Casanova, and Teddy Geary, all three of whom are part of UCTV. Despite the challenges COVID-19 has posed, UCTV hasn’t been set back and continues to open the group to anyone interested, regardless of background. Photo provided by Natalie Casanova

Distance doesn’t seem to be a setback for UCTV. The organization has been following COVID-19 regulations while also planning for the future of their group. 

“As we go into the next semester, we have a couple ideas for our 30-year anniversary,” Isaiah Edwards, a seventh-semester digital media design major, said. One of UCTV’s major goals is to connect alumni and current undergraduates through Zoom meetings so students can engage in real world situations in terms of videography. They also plan to have film festivals where both members and non-members can submit projects they have created. 

Through rebranding and adjusting to the new environment we now all live in, UCTV has managed to adapt beautifully. The current goal of the group is to not only expand on everything they have been doing, but also to expand their community as well. While this year may be different for everyone, UCTV does not stop due to a pandemic!  

“We want to create the same environment we had at UCTV, but now we want to open our group up to anyone on campus regardless of their background,” Edwards said. To anyone interested in all things media production, be sure to join UCTV! They would love to have you on their team and would love to build a long term friendship with you even more. 

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