UConn student seeks assistance for father’s funeral

Photo courtesy of Jasmin Vazquez.

A University of Connecticut student recently created a GoFundMe page seeking financial assistance for her father’s funeral. 

Jasmin Vazquez, a first-semester student at UConn, created the fundraiser to help thank him for his constant support throughout her life.   

Out of the $6,500 goal, $1,470 has been raised since the fundraiser’s creation more than a week ago.   

The donations from the GoFundMe will go toward covering costs of returning Vazquez’s father to Guatemala and subsequently holding a memorial and funeral. Vasquez is organizing these efforts herself and needs all of the help she can get to return her father to his family and allow them closure.  

“He was a hard worker and a very good and loyal friend. He was known by everyone in his neighborhood,” Vazquez said. “My dad always supported every decision I made and was very proud of me. He was always there for me when I needed him. I didn’t live with him but this year we started spending more time together, getting close.” 

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