Biden wins Connecticut, states begin to call winners


Tuesday was Election Day in America. While the presidential election has been highly divisive, there has been a strong focus on senate races as Democrats work to gain the majority.  

7:50 p.m.: The New Yorker projected a Biden win in Vermont and Virginia and a Trump win in Kentucky, West Virginia and South Carolina, minutes before the first round of polling concluded. This gave Biden 16 electorates and Trump 22.  

The Washington Post concurrently reported Biden winning Vermont, as well as New Hampshire, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Maryland, Delaware and D.C. despite 0% of reported results. Trump was given Indiana, Kentucky and Oklahoma. The Post projections awarded Biden 44 electorates and Trump 26.  

8 p.m.: Polling concluded for many states. Some key states in the midst of being counted were Georgia (Biden leading 49.5%), Florida (Trump leading 49.6%), North Carolina (Trump leading 62.9%), New Hampshire (Biden leading 57.1%).  

The Post showed Arizona, Wisconsin, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Nevada, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Texas at 0% projection.  

Despite the increase urgency among many voters to vote President Trump out of office, many democratic voters, as well, are pushing for a democratic senate and congress, in the case that if President Trump does secure another victory, that a blue congress could halt some of the extremist legislature expected from the current President, if he is re-elected. Photo Courtesy of PBS New Hours.

8:10 p.m.: From WFSB Channel 3, the Associated Press reported Biden winning Connecticut, giving Biden 7 electoral votes. This win was confirmed around 8:30 p.m. 

At the time of writing, Mae Flexer (D) is leading Jessica Alba (R) for Senate District 29. Julie Shilosky (R) is narrowly leading (D) incumbent Brian Smith for State House District 48.  

A cease and desist order was served to the city of Stamford town clerk from the CT Elections Enforcement Commission. This order was given based on evidence that the Stamford Clerk office was violating statutes 9-10c. It will force the acceptance of applications and/or provide absentee ballots “set for applicants with unforeseen illnesses or physical disabilities occurring within six days immediately preceding the close of polls at the November 3, 2020 General Election.”    

9:30 p.m.Washington Post reports that in Kentucky, Mitch McConnell (R)  has won over Amy McGrath (D). In Colorado, John Hickenlooper (D) is the projected winner over Cory Gardner (R), leading at 57.5%. In North Carolina, Cal Cunningham (D) is narrowly leading Thom Tillis (R) by 1.2%. And in a Georgia special election, David Perdue (R) is leading handily over Jon Ossoff (D).  

Election coverage will be continued over the next few days.  

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