Feel Good Friday: Residence Hall Association to host Hand-Drawing Turkey Contest


From Monday Nov. 9 to Friday Nov. 13, the University of Connecticut Residence Hall Association will host a Hand-Drawing Turkey Contest as part of their fall themed activity line up. The contest will open Monday morning at 9 a.m. and close on Friday evening at 5 p.m. 

The event will be officially announced Sunday night on the RHA Instagram (@uconnrha). Students will have the opportunity to draw, color and submit their own hand turkeys to a Google Form linked in RHA’s Instagram bio. 

The top five most creative and Thanksgiving spirited hand turkeys will be announced on the RHA Instagram story the following Tuesday, and the winner will receive a $5 Insomnia Cookies gift card. 

Kailee Heinrich, a seventh-semester political science and American studies double major, who is the president of the Residence Hall Association, said that this event would be a mentally relaxing activity before the winter recess. 

“Coloring is a very good way to promote relaxation and help calm anxiety, and we wanted to offer our residents a socially distanced and safe way to do so.” Heinrich said. “As the Residence Hall Association, it is important for us to provide for all the needs of our residents, including their mental health.” 

Heinrich said the event will be an enjoyable way to destress, especially right after a chaotic election and as the fall semester finals approach. 

“We wanted to provide students with a very low stress event that everyone can participate in and have fun with,” Heinrich said. 

RHA is the student governing body of the residents living on campus. According to the RHA’s website, their mission is to “aim to enhance the general welfare of all residents by providing communication, education, leadership and community development opportunities for all students living on campus.” The group recently held popular campus events such as the Grab and Go Pumpkin Painting Kit activity. 

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