‘Aunty Donna’s Big Ol’ House of Fun’ isn’t fun at all


I don’t even know where to begin … and not in a good way. I’m rarely displeased by shows; as long as they’re not scary, I enjoy them, but this one is far different. Comedy group Aunty Donna invites us into their new Netflix Series “Aunty Donna’s Big Ol’ House of Fun,” which recently aired this past Wednesday. While it hurts me to be so brutally honest, I don’t think I would be able to find more than three things that I liked about the show. 

Aunty Donna is an Australian comedy group located in Melbourne that consists of three main members: Mark Samual Bonanno, Broden Kelly and Zachary Ruane. Surprisingly enough, Aunty Donna’s fanbase is quite large, with over 300,000 YouTube subscribers and numerous Reddit threads dedicated to them. Most recently, they created a podcast called Aunty Donna (original, I know) which led them on tour around the United States and United Kingdom.  

In the beginning part of the first episode, Ruane changes their house wifi password to “poopoo,” which somehow garnered the attention and love of the entire neighborhood. One woman jumped out of the bush, the other walked out of the trees and then somehow Jerry Seinfeld showed up. First of all, I didn’t find the change of the wifi name that funny. Then, it was so blown out of proportion that it didn’t even seem realistic. While I believe that making things absurd and completely out of the ordinary is part of their comedic style, it just isn’t my cup of tea.  

Another thing that grinded my gears was how they sing at the beginning of their episodes. There’s nothing worse than people singing who have absolutely no vocal talent at all. Not to mention, the lyrics make absolutely zero sense. Can you tell I’m annoyed? On top of that, they spend five minutes trashing their entire home, from smashing bottles across a cupboard to throwing the dishwasher (that speaks, might I add) out the door.  

With all of this being said, there are two things I appreciate about the show. The first thing is their superb acting skills. While I’m not sure if they know it or not, all three men are amazing actors. Throughout the show they interchangeably play different characters, and do so in a professional and realistic way. For example, there was a skit similar to the show “Jeopardy” where Ruane and Bonnano play four characters all at the same time. The second thing, and arguably the most important, is their accents. I am a sucker for an Australian, New Zealand or English accent, so the accent box is 100% checked off in my book.   

It may just be me, but I don’t think I even cracked a smile during these episodes. Accents and all, the one word I would use to describe Aunty Donna is overwhelming. If you’re into fast-paced, electric comedy, then they may be your style, but I just wasn’t able to keep up.  

Rating: 0/5 stars  


  1. Yeah looks like you really just didn’t get it, or you did get it but are so insecure about how intellectual brilliant you are that you didn’t allow yourself to enjoy it.

  2. “Yeah looks like you really just didn’t get it, or you did get it but are so insecure about how intellectual brilliant you are that you didn’t allow yourself to enjoy it”

    I had to re-post that because I couldn’t have said it any better myself. You don’t deserve Aunty Donna.

  3. “I didn’t like this show because I don’t enjoy the style of comedy the entire show is based around so it’s a bad show.”

    What a terrible review

  4. This has got to be one of the worst reviews ever. It seems as though you reviewed this show as if it is meant to be a serious comedy show and it shows by what you had to gripe about. The show is meant to be extremely odd ball and slapstick it is not meant to be coherent like other comedy shows you are used to.

    Think of any of picasso abstract paintings and then imagine going to review it and using the same standard you would for a nice realism style painting that would not make any sense would it? The poopoo is arguably not what makes that scene funny. The humor comes from the fact that the whole neighborhood is excited and fascinated by a password that is stupid and nonsensical. Therefor you have given this review not even understanding what the show is and what it is going for.

    I am not writing this to tear you down just wanted you to think about what I said and think about that moving forward in your future reviews because there is a huge difference between a show being bad and you just not liking the style. I would argue that for what this show is it is absolutely genius and probably one of the best comedy shows of this style out there. This can be seen in what you said about what was good about the show, They are fantastic actors and to be able to act in the way they do and make it funny while doing stuff that is cringe worthy and would be extremely hard for a lot of people to pull off.

  5. This review made me quite angry. Daily Campus needs to hire better writers who are not such a stick in the mud for absolutely no good reason. This show is hilarious and it’s not supposed to be taken seriously. Randomness at its funniest. I get that op eds are obviously opinionated but this show definitely does not deserve a 0/5. That’s just a disrespectful rating. It makes the readers who like this show (EVERYONE in the comments) feel attacked and invalidated, and that is not a good thing if you want to keep your audience. You can do better. Smh. I give this review a -500/5. Be better Daily Campus. This is shameful.

  6. Completely agree. Someone who takes the time to write an article about how unfunny “poopoo” is as a WiFi name clearly doesn’t understand that the humor lies not in the name of the WiFi but in the absurdity of how everyone hails it as comedic genius.

    I can’t believe I’m even taking the time to write this, but I suppose it’s because I want to offer my opinion that your beliefs regarding what is/isn’t funny should be treated like your beliefs on religion – keep them to yourself.

  7. Well I am not a native English speaker and I understand that this is why the jokes become more difficult since the jokes are related to the social and cultural environment in which we find ourselves but personally I do not think the program is funny since the The humor was childish but above all bizarre since it was not possible to understand the logic or follow the thread, I really couldn’t see much of the program because it was somewhat repetitive and not very intuitive but it must be emphasized that it is my point of view without the intention of offending the program since you must have a large audience that you must like this type of humor.

  8. Dude, you’re either way toooooo old, not nearly young enough at heard, or you just look at things way to literally to even come close to appreciating this type of humor. That’s OK, just stick to Big bang theory and you’ll be fine, Please try this experiment if you want to see “unfunny”, find and watch ‘Big bang theory without canned laughter’ on YouTube.

  9. Why are you such an uptight twat. It’s literally one of the most original and best written/best acted sketch comedy shows to come out in a long time. Pretentious.

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