Student petition for fall 2020 pass/fail guidelines to be lifted

The home screen of a petition entitled “UCONN Pass/Fail Fall 2020.” This petition asks University of Connecticut administrators to use the spring 2020 pass/fail guidelines for the fall 2020 semester. Screenshot courtesy of

A new University of Connecticut student petition wants all fall 2020 classes to be eligible for pass/fail.  

The petition, which is currently live on, wants UConn to use the spring 2020 pass/fail guidelines in which undergraduates could place as many classes as they want as pass/fail without any restrictions.  

“This semester students are struggling 10x more than we were last semester. This semester was completely online with the exception of SOME (very little) classes being in person,” according to the petition. “Yet, UConn won’t allow any exceptions for P/F leading to students becoming increasingly stressed out because they worry about the blow their GPA will take if they don’t get a satisfactory grade in their courses as of now.”  

The petition has received 715 signatures at the time of reporting. The goal is to receive 1,000 signatures.  

“If you have struggled this semester, this petition is for you,” according to the petition. “It’s for your friend who cries over not being able to pass an exam.”  

According to the registrar website, the spring 2020 semester pass/fail rules were for that semester only. For fall 2020, undergraduate and pharmacy students may place up to three courses, no more than 12 credits, during this entire time at the university. These courses can not be general education, major, skill, minor or related requirements. Friday, Nov. 20, is the last day to place courses on or remove from pass/fail grading.  

The Senate Executive Committee and our Senate Scholastic Standards Committee are working with USG leaders to “discuss the needs of students that are outlined in the petition,” Carol Atkinson-Palombo, Senate Executive Committee chair, said.  

“I fully appreciate how challenging this semester has been for everyone, especially our undergraduate students, and please be assured that we are fully committed to supporting our students in a way that also respects Senate process,” Atkinson-Palomb said. 

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