Get Toasted @ Cara~Bean

For this weeks rendition of “Get Toasted”, Daily Campus contributor Olivia Hickey reviews Cara~Bean, a coffee shop located in Watertown, that also sells breakfast sandwiches as well. Read on to learn more, then go on to Cara~Bean and try their food for yourself! Photo courtesy of the Cara~Bean official website.

I woke up one dreary Tuesday morning with only one thing occupying my mind: a bacon, egg and cheese breakfast sandwich.  

So I threw on some sweats, grabbed my keys and headed to Cara~Bean in Watertown. 

The coffee shop opens at 6:30 in the morning, and I pulled into the parking lot around 7:20. The cute coffee shop was bright and spacious.  

After analyzing the menu, I ordered a medium butter sugar iced coffee.  

Then came the sandwich. I went with bacon, egg and cheese on a toasted poppy seed bagel with hot sauce. I asked the woman if cheddar cheese on my sandwich was an option. She said I could get whatever I wanted, which I did. So I requested the egg to be cooked over-easy as well. 

The picture shows author, Olivia Hickeys order. Hickey ordered a medium iced coffee and a bacon, egg, and cheese on a toasted poppy seed bagel, with hot sauce. Photo courtesy of the Olivia Hickey/ Daily Campus.

The staff at this place is friendly. Both times I have visited this cafe, the staff has been welcoming and helpful with recommendations and menu selection.  

The total for the breakfast was under $8. After a brief wait, they called me with my sandwich. My drink was ready before I paid.  

The first thing I noticed when I took the sandwich out of the bag was the wrapping. The sandwich was double-foiled, so the sandwich was warm when I unwrapped it after the car ride. 

The sandwich was wow. The egg was not running, oh no, it was doing a marathon, oozing throughout the sandwich and onto the additional foil layer. The taste of cheese and egg conquered the toasted bagel. The hot sauce was subtle, but the flavors were well-balanced. 

According to author, Olivia Hickey, the sandwich was “wow, and the flavors were well balanced throughout the sandwich. Definitely a great choice! Photo courtesy of Olivia Hickey/ Daily Campus.

The iced coffee was good. This was my first time ordering an iced coffee with this flavoring, so it was a nice intermission from my usual ordering routine. 

The experience was overall enjoyable, the service was fast and friendly and the food was reasonably priced and delicious.  

I plan on visiting this place again and hope locals would consider adding Cara~Bean to their morning commutes if they stop for breakfast before work. It’s right off of a main road, and the prices are comparable to other breakfast chains. 

A flaw for some would be making the trek to Watertown to try the establishment, but with many of us home for the semester, it may be closer for some to give it a  try. 

Ranking- 4.65/5 stars 

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