PeopleSoft Student Admin update postponed by week as development team adjusts to changes


Michael Mundrane, vice president for information technology and chief information officer, said the upcoming PeopleSoft Student Admin update has been temporarily delayed to the upcoming weekend following temporary team changes. 

The update was first announced on Nov. 17 in an email sent to the student body, but the temporary delay of the project was soon after announced on Nov. 24 in the Student Daily Digest. Mundrane said this was the result of an important team member stepping away from the project for personal reasons. 

“A key member of the project left suddenly for personal reasons right before our preparatory dry run, and this has introduced the delay,” Mundrane said. 

Mundrane said this delay should not seriously affect the project timeline. They are currently working on the project with the goal of a weekend commencement, and he said they are on-pace to reach this goal. 

“The production deployment is currently scheduled to commence this coming weekend, pending successful completion of the dry run, which is in progress now and going according to plan,” Mundrane said. 

“A key member of the project left suddenly for personal reasons right before our preparatory dry run, and this has introduced the delay.”

Mundrane said he hopes this delay will not affect any level of student excitement for the changes. He said the dry runs they do are critical for avoiding unnecessary levels of risk. 

“We hope this delay does not diminish their excitement! It would introduce unacceptable risk to execute a multi-day production roll-out without completing the appropriate prep work, which includes the test implementation,” Mundrane said. 

Mundrane stated he hopes this does not cause any major inconveniences for any members of the University of Connecticut community. He recognized that any changes would inconvenience some members of the community, so he said they only make changes when they are needed. 

“We understand, however, that even slightly modified schedules will invariably inconvenience some members of our community, and we only make changes when necessary,” Mundrane said. “We hope that this small adjustment will not cause undue impact and that students will still view the project favorably.” 

Those interested in learning more about the changes being made to the PeopleSoft Student Admin should visit the IT Knowledge Base


  1. In the United States that culture has been widely accepted lately. They think for some reason, that this will help them become better programmers. However before I finally found rubyroid labs to make a simple app for me, I’d had months of nightmare search of anybody who could code without mistakes, preventing the code from passing a validation test!

  2. Hmm and I haven’t noticed any sinful behavior on their side. They work and rest too. You can’t just work all the time. Because when I developed my app without a break, then I broke down myself!

  3. I used to have the same problems as outlined by the last speaker. I had been responsible for developing a fitness app in my company and there were only three developers involved. And the deadlines were tough! Fortunately, my boss noticed that and gave for us to read. So we outsourced the end product audit as well as UI audit. Otherwise, we would have burned out too!

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