A poem for you — yes, you! — from the editorial board

The hope is that this poem light a fuse for you to amuse and write some news! Illustration by Michelle Chimid/The Daily Campus

So begins another semester.
A virus has forced us to sequester
And now our college experience
Is really a college in-experience:
A rectangular metal slab
Is most of our days until we get a jab 
In our arms. 

But what about farms?  
What about windmills 
And landfills 
And politics 
And acoustics? 

Don’t you wish 
You could take all the rubbish 
All the polish  
And with a flourish  
Of a pen, write it all away? Don’t you wish  
You could dish 
Out opinions on anything?  

What if you could string 
Together words  
Not just about trees or birds 
But about things that actually happen?

What if you had a camera, and snap!  In
A second could take a photo  
Of a cow or barn or even a boat — oh! —  
Or of anything else that catches your eye? 

The possibilities never run dry —  
At the student-run paper you can do all this and more  
So, today we implore 
You — yes, you! —  If you are a student 
Looking for amusement 
Join The Daily Campus! 
We promise we aren’t pompous 
So come to Sunday meetings 
Click the link and hear the greetings… 

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