UConn Health reports shortage of COVID-19 vaccine, cancelling first doses

UConn Health cancelled all appointments for first-dose COVID-19 vaccines.
The University of Connecticut Health Center, viewed from the side of the academic entrance. Photo by Ragesoss/Wikimedia Commons

Last Sunday, UConn Health cancelled all appointments for first-dose COVID-19 vaccinations scheduled between Jan. 31 and Feb. 8, citing a vaccine shortage, according to an article published by the Hartford Courant. Patients scheduled for a second dose would still be able to get the vaccine.  

The statement comes nearly a week after Connecticut Gov. Ned Lamont announced an increase in weekly shipments of the vaccine, up to 54,000 doses, according to the article. 

Vaccine shortages have also been reported by Waterbury Hospital as early as Jan. 28, and even the boost in weekly shipments is said to be insufficient.  

“Our supply of first doses of the COVID-19 vaccine has been exhausted, and we have notified impacted patients who had first vaccine appointments scheduled at our clinics to reschedule their appointments for today, Monday and Tuesday morning,” Waterbury Hospital said in a notice. 

Gov. Lamont, despite complaints from the two hospitals, has maintained that the amount of vaccines was appropriate, and shifted the blame onto the hospitals.  

“Lamont said he didn’t see a problem with the federal supply of vaccines despite the shortage at UConn Health and Waterbury Hospital, suggesting instead that the two hospital systems may have booked too many first-dose appointments,” according to the Hartford Courant article.  

Lauren Woods, the Director of News at UConn Health, advised reading the updated version of UConn Health’s vaccination program on their website.  

“As our UConn Health COVID-19 Vaccine Program website states, those eligible under phase 1a and phase 1b for vaccination are healthcare workers and those 75+ so far,” she said in an email.  

Vaccinations scheduled after Feb. 9 are not expected to be subject to change. If your vaccination appointment is affected by this shortage, UConn Health advises rescheduling by calling the COVID-19 Vaccine Call Center at 860-679-8888. 

Click here to see UConn Health’s updates on the vaccine.

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