UConn needs a new late-night convenience store

University of Connecticut students need a late-night convenience store. The 7-Eleven in Storrs Center shut down at the end of the fall 2020 semester. File Photo/The Daily Campus.

Whether you’re working late and you want some snacks to keep you going, or your apartment ran out of toilet paper and need to buy more, many students will agree that having a convenience store in Storrs Center that is open late is very helpful. However, with the recent closing of 7/11 paired with CVS’s store hours changing so that it closes at 8 p.m., this option is no longer available. 

Having a convenience store open late into the night is helpful, especially on a college campus where not everyone has a car. That is no longer the case at the University of Connecticut, so students who find themselves needing something past 8 p.m. just have to wait until morning. 

And this is not always possible. Certain products such as toiletries, medications and batteries are difficult to wait until morning to buy. 

Outside of Storrs Center, there is the Union Central Exchange C-Store, located in the Student Union. However, the C-Store is only open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. until 7 p.m. — rendering it yet another option unavailable to students after a certain time of night. 

UConn needs a new convenience store — one that will stay open at least until midnight. Students need options other than to wait until morning or to borrow a necessity from a friend. 

Although there are options such as Price Chopper, which is open until 11 p.m., for students who do not have cars on campus, this is sometimes an impractical option late at night. Students without cars must walk to Price Chopper and then carry groceries back. Especially as it gets colder, it becomes more and more difficult to walk there at night. CVS and the now-closed 7/11 were much closer to campus, and therefore much more convenient options for students both late at night and with the frigid temperatures of Storrs. 

For the sake of their students, UConn should consider looking into having another convenience store come in the place of 7/11. Although they do not have control of CVS’s store hours, UConn may also think about possibly extending the C-Store’s operating hours, or come up with another UConn-run convenience store option near Storrs Center. This is something that students need; UConn should look into such options in order to benefit the students. 

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