UConn Women’s Hockey defeats the University of Maine

In this 2020 file photo, the University of Connecticut women’s hockey team played against the University of Maine Black Bears at the Freitas Ice Forum. In their game on Feb. 5, 2021, the Huskies defeated the Black Bears in a 3-0 victory. Photo by Sofia Sawchuk/The Daily Campus.

On Friday, Feb. 5, the University of Connecticut Women’s Ice Hockey team took on the University of Maine’s team, the Black Bears, in what is likely to be one of their last games of the season. It’s already far later than the season was meant to go; the Huskies have had nine games be postponed this season including the Saturday game that they were meant to play against the Black Bears. 

However, the two teams did still face off in Storrs on Friday, in a game that was rescheduled after being postponed back in November. The two teams are relatively close in the Hockey East standings; before the game Friday they both had five wins, although the Huskies had nine losses while the Black Bears had seven. 

UConn’s goaltending crew once again showed up throughout the game. This time, it was junior Samantha Carpentier-Yelle, who posted her third shutout of the season and over the course of the game made 29 saves and helped lead the Huskies to their eventual 3-0 victory and their sixth win of the season.  

The first goal came just under 10 minutes into the second period, when senior Natalie Snodgrass snuck the puck past Black Bears goalie Loryn Porter, who made 41 saves over the course of the game but was unable to help her team claim victory. It was Snodgrass’s fifth goal of the season and the 57th of her career. 

That goal was the only one the Huskies needed, but it wasn’t the only one they got. In the third period, Danika Pasqua snuck in a second goal, her third of the season, to put the Huskies up by two. The win was cemented a few minutes later with an open-net goal by freshman Jada Habisch, who made the shot while on the ground fighting for control of the puck with the Black Bear’s Celene Tedenby.

The next game for the Huskies has not yet been scheduled, although they still have not made up their missed games with Holy Cross or their second game with the University of Maine. The Huskies are now sitting at six wins, nine losses and a tie, putting them in fourth place in Hockey East Women’s, just behind Northeastern, Boston College and Providence, who all have 10+ wins on the season.  

For now, though, the Huskies sit in a relatively good position, still ranked above the majority of the other teams in the East despite still having more losses than wins. The victory over the Black Bears ended a four-game losing streak that included three losses to Boston College and a fourth to Northeastern. In the game versus the Black Bears, the Huskies scored as many goals as they did total in those four games, a good sign going forward into what remains of the rest of their season.  

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