Valentine’s Day Survey 2021 Open Ended Answers

  • One time a man stopped during sex to dance to Mariah Carey.
  • i put my stuffed animals on my roommate’s bed when i have sex
  • My BF and I went on an outdoors date but we got so horny that we had sex in the Mayor’s Office in Hartford once. On top of a huge desk where legislators have meetings. 
  • I was having car sex in a parking lot of a park one night when the police pulled up. They pointed their headlights directly into the car where we were sitting half-naked and kindly informed us, using a megaphone, that the park was closed.
  • This might not be about sex, but my ridiculous boyfriend thought he could jump his bike off a three-stair staircase — after a lifetime of riding his bike trick-free — and ended up cutting his penis on the handlebars like a fool.
  • I had sex in a car, forgot to put the parking brake on, and started rolling backwards.
  • Used to hike and have sex at the summit of each mountain.
  • I had sex in the student government office once
  • I had sex on the 50 yd line of my high-school football field. Good times.
  • Had sex with my roommate that I shared a room with. We used one bed for sex and the other for sleeping.
  • I once met a guy who wanted me to dress up as the Pillsbury Doughboy after the first date. I wish I had gone through with it, just to see what happened.
  • i don’t have any i just want to say i love my boyfriend so much 🙂 happy valentine’s day my little pumpkin
  • Finals week was rough. Did it in the McMahon lounge at 4am. Great stress reliever.
  • I was hooking up with this kid who thought he was hot stuff. He thought he was doing a really smooth job biting my lip, so I said, “Well, my ex is the Gucci version of lip-biting, and you’re the Walmart brand.” Like the meme. And he goes, “Well, I may be Walmart brand, but you could say I’m a… ‘Great Value.'”I still banged him after that. I don’t know if that says more about me than it does about him.
  • one time, i went on a couple of dates with someone from the daily campus and she was really nice, however after a couple of months, she said she wasn’t ready for a relationship, we are still friends but she takes forever to text back
  • My ex thinks it’s weird I said “holy tolito” during sex
  • One time my ex said holy toledo during sex
  • The biggest lesson my high school health teacher taught us is that “baseball is a much healthier alternative to having sex”
  • Literally the other day his mom walked in. I was MORTIFIED. CAN WE PLEASE ALL GET HEALTHY SO WE CAN CONFIDENTLY GO BACK TO SCHOOL!!!
  • My boyfriend and I had sex, and disposed of our condom in my bathroom trash. My dog dug it out of the trash and left the used condom in the hallway for my mom to find. Definitely not a man’s best friend move.
  • One morning i had pretty horrible sex with one boy (it was just…bad) so later that same day when a different one hmu i was like yeah sure why not and had sex with two different boys in the same day! But the worst part was that i ended up in a long term relationship with the second one 0_o
  • Had an RA knock on the door while having sex because we were being too loud.

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