An interview with musician and former UConn student Kyle Constable


Kyle Constable is a UConn grad and former Daily Campus writer putting his journalism degree to use as the membership manager at the CT Mirror. However, there is another side of Constable that makes him stand out – he’s a musician ready to tell a story. 

“At the end of the day it’s just rock music,” Constable said when asked about how to describe his music. He started playing the guitar during his sophomore year of high school and stated that he chose guitar lessons over interior design when given the choice of what would fit in with his schedule.  

While attending UConn, he was asked to perform at an open-mic night at Whitney during his sophomore year. He said that it was one of the most terrifying nights of his life. Though, he ended up enjoying the experience and would regularly play the guitar outside during that semester. 

During his sophomore year of college, Constable dropped out of UConn due to isolation from friends and struggles in classes. He returned to his hometown where he became  the speech and debate coach at his former high school. Constable eventually returned to UConn to earn his Bachelor’s degree in journalism. 

A major reason for Constable’s shift towards music came when the COVID-19 pandemic started back in March. 

“This [album] would have not happened without the pandemic,” Constable said when talking about what helped him make  new music. 

He went to a studio in January of 2020 to record the song “Finally Me” and had originally considered working on an EP. He changed his mind once the pandemic started as he then found time to write songs and develop ideas that were originally scraps. He also jokingly thanked Congress for the making of his album since he received stimulus checks, which helped fund the production. 

Constable’s upcoming debut album “Going Home” is set to debut on March 5 and is partially inspired by the time  he dropped out of college. He has already released two singles from the album which are available on all streaming platforms. 

“It felt like the right vibe for the moment,” Constable said when asked about the inspiration behind the album’s title. He also mentioned that he’s already working on material for a follow up album. 

“It’s going to be more ambitious than  [“Going Home”]. There’s a lot more I want to integrate that [my  team and I] did not have the resources for,” said Constable, speaking about the goals for his next record. 

Constable is hoping that his next album will infuse more orchestral elements to his pop punk sound. His favorite band is Relient K and Constable says that a lot of his sound is inspired by them. 

Some advice Constable gave to outgoing students on following their passion is that they are never too old to start something new. He cited his age,  27, as an example of starting music at a later point in his life. 

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