Rapid Fire: What’s the one policy you’d implement to improve UConn during the pandemic?

Online learning during the pandemic has been a learning curve. The Daily Campus Opinion section discusses policies they would implement to improve UConn during the pandemic in this week’s Rapid Fire. Photo by Christin Hume on Unsplash.

If we’re lucky in the Opinion section, we work through our beliefs completely and support them with great arguments. But sometimes, we don’t need a deeper reason to hold our convictions. Rapid Fire is for those tweet-length takes that can be explained in just a sentence or two. No more justification needed.  

Today we asked our writers: What’s the one policy you’d implement to improve UConn during the pandemic? Here’s what they said: 

Harrison Raskin, Opinion Editor: No restrictions on dorm pets. Animal companions really help with mental health, they’re awesome and besides, many of them can’t even spread COVID-19. 

Sharon Spaulding, Weekly Columnist: A way to unsubscribe from all the emails that aren’t relevant to those of us not on or near campus this semester. 

Carson Swick, Staff Writer: There should be more consistency with seating in the dining halls. At South, I see people moving chairs around, sitting together and having a grand old time. But all the tables at McMahon have only one chair, and no one moves any chairs around. It makes eating there quite depressing. Also, the ice skating rink is cool, but I wish it was bigger and open more than three days a week. 

Anika Veeraraghav, Associate Opinion Editor: UConn always gives away a lot of free apparel during events like Spring Weekend; since a lot of these events aren’t really possible this year, I would be very open to UConn mailing us free stuff every now and then. After all, it probably comes from our tuition money, anyway. 

Maddie Papcun, Contributing Writer: Give us a scream room (or two, or three). Sound proof it, and utilize online sign ups and capacity limits to remain COVID-safe, but let us have a place to properly yell as a way to deal with the frustrations of the online college experience. 

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