Thirsty Thursdays: When you give a college student a pancake

pile of pancake with honey
Breakfast for dinner is widely accepted, so why not breakfast in your drink? Add a little splash of breakfast into your next cocktail with some maple syrup in some fantastic recipes. Photo by Sheena Wood on

Breakfast for dinner has been a widespread and accepted phenomenon for years. Whitney dining hall has even historically served it for Late Night! So why is it commonplace to consume a pancake doused in maple syrup deep into the night, but not a drink doused in the same sticky substance? I propose a revolution in breakfast drinks. Forget the mimosa. Forget the Bloody Mary — especially since it tastes truly terrible. Now is the time for change. Now is the time for maple syrup cocktails! 

Maple syrup operates in a very similar way to agave or simple syrup in a drink. It is pure sugar that won’t collect on the bottom of a cocktail. It takes away the bite from the worst of liquors. And, it goes well with most forms of alcohol. So, what kind of cocktails can you make with it? 

Cookie + Kate’s cinnamon maple whiskey sour is to die for. It’s also one of the simplest maple syrup cocktail recipes available. Kate recommends using three tablespoons of bourbon, two tablespoons of lemon juice, three tablespoons of maple syrup and a pinch of cinnamon. All you have to do is shake these ingredients up in a mason jar with some ice, and your drink is ready to go. We at Thirsty Thursdays, beg you to please get a nicer bourbon than we did. Jim Beam, as we said last semester, is devastating to the taste buds. 

“Honestly, we love pancakes at the daily campus, but we would highly suggest saving your syrum for a drink like this instead.”

That being said, this cocktail was a revelation to our most hated form of liquor. The maple syrup helped to sweeten it, while the lemon juice worked to take the bite off the bitter flavor. Honestly, we love pancakes at The Daily Campus, but we would highly suggest saving your syrup for a drink like this instead. 

Are you feeling less cottage core and more fancy? Maybe you should try a Pélerin instead! Pélerin is made of one and a half ounces of brandy (distilled wine – very classy), three-fourths of a teaspoon of St. Elizabeth allspice dram (which is apparently a rum-based allspice liqueur), a healthy squeeze of lemon, three-fourths of an ounce of maple syrup, a dash of bitters and ice. Like the maple sour recipe, all you have to do is shake and combine to drink. 

In general, this drink may be more inaccessible for college students due to its desire for pricy alcoholic components. But it is truly as delicious as it is pretentious. 

Last, but not least, a drink of my own creation. Consume if you dare: A splash of maple syrup, a quarter cup of frozen berries and a tall glass of white wine. Combine together to make pancake wine. Yes, no one on the internet seems interested in writing a recipe for this concoction. But, I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. 

Until next time, happy Thirsty Thursday! 

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