Rapid Fire: What’s the best class you’ve taken at UConn?

This week’s Rapid Fire asks, “What’s the best class you’ve taken at UConn?” The Daily Campus Opinion section answers. Photo by Green Chameleon on Unsplash.

Today we asked our writers: What’s the best class you’ve taken at UConn? Here’s what they said: 

Harrison Raskin, Opinion Editor: Hip Hop, Politics and Youth Culture in America. Pretty self-explanatory: listening to rap, watching music videos and talking politics. Prof. Ogbar is probably the resident expert on Hip Hop at UConn (and one of the study’s greatest worldwide). Don’t miss this one! 

Jacob Ningen, Contributor Introduction to Comparative Politics I with Professor Singer. This is a descriptive intro to politics. Admittedly, such an approach is perhaps lacking, and everyone who is actually involved in politics will hate the formalism. But I still remember Duverger’s law and Linz’s anti-presidential arguments. 

Anika Veeraraghav, Associate Opinion Editor: It’s tough to give a definitive answer on this one, but I might have to go with Gender and Science. It’s a very important class, especially for anyone going into the healthcare field, and Prof. Mauldin made it super interesting. That being said, I’m just going to plug physiological psychology as well because neuroanatomy is fascinating and I definitely learned a lot. 

Maddie Papcun, Contributing Writer: So far, Close Relationships Across the Lifespan with Dr. Adamsons. It’s basically an introduction to relationship science, really asking you to think about your interactions with others and how they could improve (or maybe why they’ve failed in the past). After all, common sense isn’t quite so common but heartbreak always proves relevant. 

Sharon Spaulding, Weekly Columnist: Combinatorics with Professor Gunawan. Learn to bypass pages of algebraic trickery (and sadness) by translating gnarly equations into concise exposés. Who knew that numbers and equations wouldn’t always be the answer? Who knew that an elegant paragraph could suffice? 

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