‘Battle of the Bands’ 2021 sees UConn bands rock it out virtually

Roadhog is seen here performing in the second round of “Battle of the Bands.” One of the songs they covered was “Free Fallin’” by Tom Petty. Photo courtesy of author

WHUS hosted a virtual rendition of “Battle of the Bands” on Twitch on Saturday which featured four bands from the University of Connecticut. These bands included Bleach the Sky, Roadhog, Zebvlon and Cyborg Village. 

Each of the bands had a pre-recorded setlist and competed against each other via a bracket system. The first match-up was between Zebvlon and Cyborg Village.  

First was Zebvlon’s set. They played original songs such as “Be Quiet” and “All About the Groove” along with a collaboration with Sheezter Pink titled “April.” Meanwhile, Cyborg Village opened its set with a skit featuring one of the band members driving a car with pseudo robotic gear.  

During their set, which was decorated to look futuristic and robotic, some of the songs the band played included “By The Hour” and “Road to You.” Brandon Pavlicek, the bass player of the band, had his mouth taped for some reason while performing. 

The next performance was Roadhog who played songs such as “The Road” and “How Fast are We Still Standing.” Members of the band include Ben Crnic as singer, David McArdle at guitar and Sean McHugo at drums. 

During Bleach the Sky’s performance, they covered “I Fall Apart” by Post Malone and “Her Skin.” The band is based in Boston and they released their EP “Acid Girl” earlier this year. 

Before the winners of the first round were announced, a “Minecraft” session was hosted on Twitch for viewers to watch as they were anticipating the results.  

After the first round, Cyborg Village and Roadhog advanced to compete against each other.  During the second round, each band had another pre-recorded set list. Zebvlon and Bleach the Sky’s seconds sets were promised to be shown on YouTube at a later day since they did not advance to the finals. 

Before the winner of the contest was announced, there was a game of Kahoot in which viewers could answer questions related to the “Battle of the Bands” and earn points. Questions included who should win “Battle of the Bands,” which band had the best outfits and which band sounded the most vaporwave.  

At the end of the night, it was announced that Cyborg Village had won “Battle of the Bands.” During their acceptance speech, singer and guitar player Josh Ketchum claimed that Cyborg Village was formed in under a month and it was for the purpose of competing in “Battle of the Bands.” This is to be disputed as they were originally known as the Dirty Dans and  formed in Newtown, Conn. in 2012. 

Cyborg Village playing during the second round of “Battle of the Bands.” They would end up winning the contest. Photo courtesy of author

If you would like to check out the bands that were featured in the contest, Bleach the Sky has an Instagram which is @bleacktheskyband. Both Roadhog and Zebvlon with @the_ road_hog_band and @zebvlon. Cyborg Village can be found on BnadCamp as they do not have any other social media accounts as of this writing. 

If you are interested in finding out more about WHUS and their future events, visit their website, whus.org for more information about upcoming events and virtual shows. 

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