USG planning to hold special election for position of Chief Diversity Officer

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The University of Connecticut Undergraduate Student Government issued a statement Monday to outline their plan to hold a special election for the position of Chief Diversity Officer in light of former CDO-Elect B Diaz’s resignation last week. 

“In light of the recent resignation by CDO-Elect B Diaz, there will be a Special Election for the CDO-Elect Position in the Senate on Wednesday, March 24 at 6:30 p.m.,” Luis Toscano, current speaker of the senate, said in the email. 

Toscano said that the course of action was determined after two rulings in the judiciary. 

Toscano also clarified the remaining spring semester schedule for the USG Senate. 

“We will have a Senate on March 24 and April 7, and a Caucus on March 17 and March 31,” Toscano said. “April 7 will be the First/Last Senate,” he said in his email. 

Toscano said as well as going through the procedure of selecting a new CDO in the upcoming Caucus on Wednesday, the Senate will also be checking in on ongoing initiatives and legislative ideas, as well as participating in “Snaps and Claps.”  

He also stated that everyone from the recent Spring election will be sworn in next year and a new Speaker/Parliamentarian would be chosen. 

“If you would like to run for Speaker/Parliamentarian, please reach out and let me know so I can begin to coordinate that upcoming election,” Speaker Toscano said. 

The Webex link for Wednesday Caucus.  

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