ResLife to hold most apartments and suites for housing

Uconn residential apartments. Some apartments will be used as quarantine housing for next semester. Photo by Matt Harrison/The Daily Campus

Most on-campus apartments and some on-campus suites at the University of Connecticut are being reserved for quarantine housing for the fall 2021 semester, according to an email sent by Residential Life Wednesday. 

The email specified that Charter Oak Apartments, Busby Suites, Northwood Apartments and some buildings in Hilltop Apartments and South Campus were being held for possible quarantine housing for next year. However, it’s possible these spaces will reopen.  

“We know that these are highly desirable spaces for juniors and seniors. As the Dean’s email mentioned, the hope is that over the summer some of these spaces can be made available for student assignments and that they can be offered to junior and senior students via an online room change process,” the email from Residential Life read.  

The restriction of these housing options leaves Garrigus Suites and Mansfield Apartments as the only non-traditional housing at full occupancy for fall 2021.  

How much housing is held for isolation beds is connected to the number of students who are vaccinated and report their vaccination to the university, explained an email sent by the Dean of Students Wednesday. 

“Right now, Residential Life is holding 10% of the targeted bed count for quarantine and isolation. That’s a lot of beds and, by medical necessity, those beds need to be located in our suites and apartments,” the email from the Dean of Students read. “However, the number of beds we’ll need to hold is tied closely to the percentage of students vaccinated.” 

For those interested in these housing options, Residential Life recommended to go through April housing selection regardless. 

“In order for junior and senior students to be eligible for a room change process in the summer they must select an available space during the April selection process,” the email from Residential Life read. “Students who do not select a space during the April process will not be eligible for a room change in the summer.” 

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