Blaseball and why you are from Chicago


Blaseball is the best thing to come out of the internet during the pandemic. If you are a baseball fan who likes numbers, then I have the product for you. Blaseball is a splort played by 20 teams spread across several divisions of the Internet Blaseball League organization. Each season is a week long, with 99 games spread over the midweek. Each day of the season is an hour long. 

Each season of Blaseball is simulated like a full season of baseball, but with twists along the weather. Teams are affected by strange weather patterns, have umpires and pitchers spontaneously combust at the pitching mound, or get sent to another dimension due to a stroke of bad luck. The game follows the same rules of baseball and, the best part, outputs all of the statistics that you could want. Much like SABRmetrics dominate the game of baseball for nerds, Blaseball lets you bask in the glory of SIBRmetrics. The game is enjoyed by reading through the performance data of players and betting on their team’s success or failure to accumulate more gold coins.  

The real fun of Blaseball comes from the fan experience that exists outside of the website. A massive community has popped up to collectively experience this game and wrap their heads around the lore. There is a massive world around Blaseball, but very little of it exists on the official website. The community creates lore around every single team, every player and every ball park. The real fun of the game is reading what people on Twitter came up with to explain just what happened at every at bat of the game. There is a deep world behind the funny statistics as soon as you start digging and look for it. 

The 16th season of the Internet Blaseball League (Blaseball) concluded on April 17, with a three to two win by the Dallas Steaks over the Chicago Firefighters in a best of five playoff. This was the second time that Chicago lost in the Internet Series finals, being swept by the Philly Pies in season one. This series marked the first time Dallas made it to the finals, also being the team’s first championship win. Although they didn’t win, the Firefighters have shown that they are once again a team to take seriously in the Internet Baseball League. 

When you are getting into a splort you obviously need a team to support, so let me tell you why you are from Chicago. The fanbase has fostered a massive network of support pushed by a simple idea. As soon as you become a fan of Chicago, you are from Chicago. You always have been and always will be from Chicago. The team is a hardworking group of people that have to balance their lives as professional blaseball players with providing the city of Chicago with fire protection. We Are From Chicago serves not only to tell people where you are from, but also acts as a greeting, a cheer, a jeer,  a farewell, and everything in between. The community is an important facet of the Blaseball experience and Chicago does it right. You get to enjoy staples of the community like Bat Hat, a sentient pile of fire hats that wear a trench coat and wander the stadium. The Firefighters have an impressive lineup going into this season, with pitching staff led by the likes of Zion Facepuch and Conrad Twelve and batters like Peanutiel Duffy and Justice Spoon. 

Baseball News Network’s pre-season power rankings have the Chicago Firefighters ranked number three in the league, up 10 spaces from last season’s pre-season poll. After an impressive run over the last season, they will certainly be a team to watch. Although there are some holes in their lineup, and again facing Sun 2 weather and a black hole at their home field, they look to make a run deep into the postseason again. You can follow the action on the Blaseball website. Season 17 of Blaseball will run from April 19 to April 23, and the Internet Series postseason tournament taking place on April 24th.  

We are from Chicago. 


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