Four looks that will keep you comfortable, yet confident in the classroom

Now that in-person classes are back, back-to-school fashion is in full swing. T-shirts, a staple in any closet, are a great and simple way to achieve this!
Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels

Now that in-person classes have begun and campus is alive once again, back-to-school fashion is in full swing. Goodbye to the days of sitting through Zoom meetings in pajamas, and hello to actually getting dressed in the morning. Here are a few ideas to spice up your wardrobe this year:  


What’s better than putting on one piece of clothing and being all set? Even better than dresses, rompers remove the worry of wind tunnels exposing your bottom or being uncomfortable. They can be both dressed up or dressed down with the right accessories and shoes. If you’re going for a fancier look, this romper from Target with a pair of sandals would make for a perfect September outfit. On the more casual side, there are tons of rompers made out of sweatpants material that go perfectly with a pair of sneakers or flip flops. This one from H&M comes in a sweet lilac color. For a trendy look, tight rompers have recently entered the fashion play scene with H&M providing a great example.  

Casual Yet Sophisticated 

My favorite look of all time is the casual, but always sophisticated, put-together vibe — picture a pair of jeans and a plain solid colored t-shirt. As for shoes, whatever works, however I always opt for a white sneaker or, for something easy, my black Havaianas. For jeans, Zara is always a good option that provides cute, affordable styles. As for basics, Aritzia has a stunning selection that always withholds the test of time. While some pieces are pricier, they are guaranteed to last years. And when does a white T-shirt go out of style?  

Biker Shorts  

Of course, biker shorts. It would feel unjust to do a back-to-school fashion piece without the inclusion of biker shorts. Firstly, they are so incredibly comfortable. Coming in all patterns, lengths, sizes and colors, there is bound to be a biker short for everyone. If you’re looking to not spend too much money, Forever 21 has a range of biker shorts that cost less than $5. If you’re wanting to spend some extra money, people have raved about Aritzia biker shorts for over a year. Lululemon has also recently come out with their own range, both for athletic purposes and just to relax in the house.  

Matching Sets  

Another great and easy option are matching sets. Not only are they cute, but also convenient, as it’s a one-stop-shop for both your top and bottom. This past year, the world saw an influx of matching sweat sets. Rather than being stuck at home in mismatched pajamas, some chose to live the fashionable life in a coordinated sweatshirt and sweatpants. Target has a wonderful selection of fall-friendly sweat sets that will keep you cool and comfy during the changing seasons. Lulu’s has great options for trendier pieces, like this matching top and skirt.   

Hopefully these ideas provided some inspiration for your back to school wardrobe, and I hope I didn’t cause too much damage to your wallet! 

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