Life Roundtable: Favorite place to eat on campus 


Happy fall semester, Huskies! Now that classes are underway, we thought it’d be a good idea to discuss some of the best places to eat on campus. If you’re new to campus, feel free to use this as a guide. If you’re just curious, feel obliged to keep reading. 

While my freshman year was primarily spent living off of ramen noodles, liquid mac and cheese and Gatorade, there was always one place that looked out for my nutritional health. The Student Union may just be the most wonderful place to be on campus as it truly has it all: a movie theater, lounges, a game room and perhaps most importantly — numerous dining options. Of course, national food chains like Dunkin’ and Subway thrive in their upstairs and downstairs locations, but if there’s one place to get food, it’s the Union Street Market. 

Esther Ju, CC 

Did I possibly waste the $3,000 meal plan I was paying for each semester just to grab a crispy chicken wrap using my limited amount of points? Yes, and with no regrets whatsoever. Just in case you thought you were limited to the choice of cylindrical sandwiches, the Union Street Market caters quite a few food options including Mexican cuisine, specialty salads, build-your-own bowls, Asian noodles, pizza, pasta and grinders, as well as pre-packaged items for students on the go. A personal favorite of mine is the classic pasta with crispy chicken, drizzled with marinara sauce and topped with a fresh garlic knot (that will go soggy unless eaten right away). 

Although there are countless places that offer the same menu items, the Union Street Market is still considered to be a one-of-a-kind experience exclusively offered by UConn. You only have four years to enjoy it — might as well take advantage of the time you have by stuffing your face with a naked burrito bowl. 

Cindy Lam, CC 

Whitney has to be my favorite dining hall out of the eight dining halls. It is rare that I make my way to East campus, but my pit stops at Whitney are always worth it. I would say Whitney has the healthiest options on campus with plenty of locally-sourced vegetarian and vegan items. My favorites include: the omelet bar, fish tacos and tofu burgers. I also like how Whitney offers juices that other dining halls do not. Since Whitney was renovated two years ago, it is the most modern dining hall at UConn. The little café section next to the main dining room is a great place to chill, catch up on schoolwork or hang out with friends.  

My second favorite place on campus would have to be Dunkin’. UConn students run on Dunkin’, hence why the line is through the door every morning. At the moment, my go-to order is the Matcha Latte. 

If you are unfamiliar with the dining halls, I recommend going to Northwest during late night after 7 p.m. During my freshman year, I used to devour Northwest chicken wings: the ultimate comfort food. The line is worth the wait.  

Khira Francis, CC 

Since my second semester, my favorite dining hall on campus has been Northwest. The pasta bar definitely came through for me on multiple occasions. I even tried some combinations that I later cooked for myself and my friends when I didn’t have a meal plan. Another draw is the wings. I know pretty much every dining hall has them at some point, but Northwest has something different. The line tends to be pretty long, but they are well worth the wait. Late night is definitely a bonus if you’re like me and thought having a late night lab was a great idea. There’s usually no theme like some of the other late night dining halls, but still delicious. 

If you’re willing to walk for your food, Whitney also has great late night food. My friends and I lived off vegan French toast for our first two years. If you’re a fan of breakfast for dinner, it’s your best bet for sure. Now that it has been renovated it’s even better, so be sure to check it out.  

Now if you’re looking for something that isn’t dining hall food, Gansett Wraps in Storrs Center is a personal favorite of mine. Their fries outdo MooYah’s, in my opinion.  They’re $2.50 for a small serving, and it’s plenty for one person. The sandwiches are really good, too. I recommend the gyro or the turkey wrap. It’s fairly affordable compared to some other options and you’ll definitely be full by the end.  

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