Every Daily Campus section has something amazing to offer


There’s no doubt that student newspapers play an important role on many campuses when it comes to informing the community about what’s going on. However, less talked about is how important student newspapers are to the people that create them. Here at The Daily Campus, for example, we have a group of people that work hard to put out a paper every weekday. In return, working at The Daily Campus is an experience that will stay with us for a lifetime. Here’s a deeper look at what each of the five sections of The Daily Campus has to offer to any and all UConn students.

Firstly, our news section. The news section of The Daily Campus is the first team of people to ask questions when things happen around campus. When leadership changes, rules get made and broken, or crazy things happen at UConn, people in the news section are the first to search deeper. If you want the adrenaline rush of writing a fast story when breaking news drops, or are passionate about amplifying the voices of people in your community through storytelling, the news section at The Daily Campus has what you need to gain that experience.

Second, the life section. The life section is a place where you can write about student life, campus events, art, film, music and more. If you’re passionate about getting fellow students informed about special events and shows around campus, the life section is where that coverage happens. Additionally, people in the life section are able to have their commentary on pop culture shared with their comrades. If you’ve ever listened to a song or watched a movie that you want to say something about, the life section is the place for you.

Thirdly, the sports section. Covering sports for The Daily Campus is an addictive experience. That is the only way to describe it — attending UConn sports games and being a firsthand witness to our athletes’ energy is something that if done once, you’ll certainly want to do again. As a sports writer you can attend games and tell the story of an athlete’s struggles and triumphs in your own voice. The sports section here at The Daily Campus is filled with some of the most passionate and well-spoken writers on campus.

Fourth is the opinion section. At the opinion section of The Daily Campus, you can write about almost anything you want. If you’re positive that your take on a certain subject is one that the world needs to hear, the opinion section is a platform for you to spread the word. Not only will writing for the opinion section be a rewarding experience, but being in the presence of other writers like you will broaden your perspective and give you the chance to hear viewpoints that you may never have heard if you weren’t there.

Lastly, our photo and video sections. There are so many skills that creative and compassionate photojournalists have that apply beyond taking photos or videos. Through visual storytelling, people in the photo and video sections learn so many lessons in compassionate and unique storytelling that are relevant in other aspects of life as well. The experience of being a student photojournalist can teach you what it means to tell a story, and tell it well. You will learn to see the most interesting and beautiful parts of life and become a more patient, personable, passionate and creative person as a result.

Clearly the most important question for people wanting to get involved at UConn is not, “Should I join The Daily Campus?” but “How will I choose what section to join?” All of our sections offer a number of amazing opportunities and experiences for students to explore — hope to see you around here soon!

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