Week of Sept. 6 National News Headlines  


TX Abortion Law

Texas passed a law making most abortions illegal throughout the state, effective last Wednesday.   

The law was passed by a five to four vote.  It specifically makes abortions illegal once cardiac activity can be detected.  This stage in a woman’s pregnancy usually occurs at about the six-week mark, a time when most women are unable to even detect their pregnancy due to it being such an early stage.

The law fails to make exceptions if the pregnancy is a result of assault, incest or rape.   

The law was written in a way that makes it able to surpass Roe v. Wade regulations and be hard to oppose in court.

Texas is now considered the state with the strictest abortion laws and the hardest state for women to access abortions. 

Fake Vaccination Cards

Three state troopers in Vermont are under investigation for creating fake COVID-19 vaccination cards.

The accusations against Shawn Sommers, Raymond Witkowski and David Pfindel have since caused each to resign and a federal investigation to be appointed this Tuesday.

Colleagues of the three troopers had reported knowledge of the faking of vaccine cards to their superiors, Vermont police said. 

The investigation has since been looked upon by the F.B.I. 

It is not clear if the three troopers have lawyers. 

Ironton resident Kornell Davis walks through the Ironton cemetery, still covered in nearly a foot a marsh mud Sunday, Sept. 19, 2021, three weeks after the wind and storm surge from Hurricane Ida devastated the historic African community in Plaquemines Parish, La. Photo by David Grunfeld/The Times-Picayune/The New Orleans Advocate via AP

Climate Change 

President Joe Biden announced concerns over climate change Tuesday, after visiting neighborhoods affected by Hurricane Ida.  

Biden referred to the climate crisis as “everybody’s crisis” in an address given in response in New York.

He also warned the public in his address that we are in a “code red” zone regarding climate change and stated that our climate problems are larger than most realize.  

The president warned the country that it is time to stop denying the reality of climate change and start accepting that it is a major threat to society.

Biden declared that the climate crisis is not going to get better, and in order to neutralize it and prevent it from getting worse, we must accept it and create individual and corporational changes. 

Removing of Robert E. Lee Statue in Virginia

Virginia began the removal of a 131-year-old statue of former confederate general Robert E. Lee Wednesday morning.  

The statue was the largest confederate monument in the state of Virginia.  

Roughly 200 people cheered as the 12-ton statue was taken down.  The statue was used as a centerpiece on Monument Ave. Its removal declared the last confederate monument on the road to be taken down.  

The statue’s removal was officially announced in June 2020 in response to racial justice demonstrations and an uprising in the Black Lives Matter movement.  

Until further notice, the statue will be cut into three sections and stored in state-run facilities.

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