Student Activities has massive success with in-person Involvement Fair


Going to a large state school like the University of Connecticut can be overwhelming, and oftentimes it can feel impossible to find your people. Thankfully, there are over 400 clubs that help make this large school feel so much smaller. 

On Monday, Student Activities hosted an in-person Involvement Fair on Fairfield Way from 2 to 7 p.m. Hundreds of students roamed through the posters and flyers, dropping in on clubs that interested them.  

The wonderful thing about UConn’s extracurricular activities is its large variety. There is truly a choice for every single person, no matter how abstract their hobbies and interests may feel. Fifth-semester human psychology and sociomedical science major Jasmine Aboumahboob is the current president of Knit for NICU, a club that makes hand-knit items for babies and families who are stuck in the newborn intensive care unit.  

“We are a club here at UConn that tries to change lives one knitted item at a time,” said Aboumahboob. “We’re open to all different knitting levels and can teach if necessary.”  

Aboumahboob was first introduced to knitting by her grandmother. However, she really decided to pick up the hobby after she found some of her grandmother’s old yarn and thought it would be an amazing way to honor her memory.  

A rather new club on campus is PERIOD, a chapter of the PERIOD Movement, a global youth-empowered non-profit organization that works to end period poverty and period stigma through advocacy, education and service.  

“We started our club last year online, so we did a lot more of drives, fundraising and discussion online,” said seventh-semester human rights and WGSS major Ayesha Mahajan. “Now we just want to bring that to a bigger scale and do that all in person, with a lot more community outreach and larger donations to local shelters.” 

Luigi Coppola Jr. is the president of the UConn Steel Bridge Club, an organization that works together to build a model steel bridge of different specifications every year.  

“Using this bridge, we compete in a regional competition, which if we place well enough, gives us the opportunity to go to a national competition,” said Coppola, a seventh-semester civil engineering major. 

Such competitions are intense, and students must pay attention to a variety of different critique points. For example, they are judged by their construction speed, weight of the bridge, and costs to build the bridge and its different deflections, both lateral and vertical. Steel Bridge Club gives students the opportunity to learn numerous different skills including how to use certain software.  

Some clubs have a religious undertone, such as the Black Muslim Association, which is derived from the Academic Achievement Center.  

“Our goal is to create a safe space for Black Muslims on campus and to promote Black Muslim countries around the world,” said Astuanta Niang, the group’s president and a seventh-semester psychological sciences and sociology major. “We also donate and do many informational sessions about a variety of things.” 

As you can tell by now, there are endless choices of clubs for any student to join. No matter what you’re interested in, UConn has a place for you. Put yourself out there and have some fun! 

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