The 25th anniversary of the Connecticut River Conservancy’s Annual Sea Cleanup

The volunteers in Greenfield, MA during the 24th Anniversary of the Connecticut River Conservancy’s Annual Sea Clean Up. Photo courtesy to the Connecticut River Conservancy.

The Connecticut River Conservancy is prepared to kick off their 25th annual Source to Sea Cleanup event this September.   

The event will occur from Sept. 24 to 26, allowing volunteers will come together to clean trash out of the Connecticut River and its tributaries.   

While the official dates have been posted, the CRC has encouraged volunteers to take part in sea cleanups throughout the month, coining the phrase “getting dirty for cleaner rivers,” according to a press release.  

To stay informed and learn more about opportunities to get involved, the CRC is updating their social media platforms and website with various information and important dates.  

Stacey Lennard, who is in charge of CRC Cleanup coordination, encourages all participants to get involved and share their cleanup work on social media to help spread awareness. 

“You can help show the problem to help solve the problem.  Whether you’re inspired by river beauty or river pollution, use your imagination to show how much rivers are important to you,” Lennard said. 

At last year’s event, the CRC hosted over 1,300 volunteers and 200 volunteer groups in their Source to Sea Cleanup event where 34.9 tons of trash was collected, stretching across 262 miles of river.  The CRC has helped eliminate over 1,200 tons of trash out of rivers in the last 25 years the event has been hosted, according to a press release.

The CRC has gained support and sponsorship from Eversource, USA Waste & Recycling and All American Waste to help organize, promote and support the events and work the CRC does all year long.  

“Our investment in a new state-of-the-art recycling facility will be a keystone for Connecticut’s recycling infrastructure, now and for future generations,” Frank M. Antonacci, COO of USA Waste and Recycling said.  

CRC’s partnerships have enabled it, and their partners to benefit, and further promote and work towards cleaner rivers. 

“Working with CRC at their Source to Sea Cleanup event helps to sustain healthy rivers and protect important natural resources,” Connolly said.  

Frank M. Antonacci, COO of USA Waste and Recycling, has partnered with the CRC to help its work become more recognized.  

“We look forward to sponsoring and participating in the Source to Sea cleanup event every year and know first-hand that proper waste disposal is important to keep our rivers and communities clean,” Antonacci said.  

The work of the CRC in the past 25 years has helped create a cleaner planet while bringing communities and people together for the greater good.   

The organization has done so much to help promote its message and is hopeful of a cleaner future for rivers, according to a press release.  

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