Thirsty Thursdays: Best Beaver?


Like I mentioned last week, hitting up Ted’s, Huskies and Tav are typical activities for the 21 and older population in the area. For those newly legal, it’s exciting to visit them and figure out the vibe of each bar, their quirks and what drinks to get. This week, let’s talk about Ted’s Restaurant and Bar, or as it’s more commonly known to the Uconn community, Ted’s.  

My friends and I have already frequented the upperclassmen establishment a few times this semester for people’s birthdays, since Ted’s gives a special t-shirt to those who buy a beaver on their birthday. From those few times we’ve visited, we’ve been able to try a selection of their signature drink. This Thirsty Thursday, we’ll give you the rundown on which flavor we think is the best. 

Ted’s famous bionic beavers are distinguishable by their intimidatingly large size and bright, bold colors. Visitors have been so apt to order beavers by their colors that the drink menu on the website only lists the beavers by their colors (blue, green, red, purple and orange). If you want to know their actual flavors, you’ll have to refer to the large banner hanging above the bar. From what I remember, they are blue coconut, green melon, purple raspberry…and that’s the extent of my knowledge. The other two are pretty self-explanatory, and if my inability to remember is any indicator, they’re not really worth trying. At least, not for the amount of drink they give you. 

Beavers were infamously known for being served with an indistinguishable – but probably ungodly – amount of alcohol, ice and mixers in a huge pitcher. Yes, you read that right: a 60-ounce pitcher for a scant $10. Now you know why Ted’s is such a hotspot for birthday bashes and lively celebrations. Finishing a beaver was an accomplishment in itself.  

Note the past tense: now, Ted’s serves its beavers in a smaller plastic cup, an adaptation to the sanitary requirements of COVID-19 for single-use drinkware. Another loss from the pandemic, but perhaps, better in the long-run for our livers and the aftermath of downing the drink. They also have adjusted the price accordingly: $8 for perhaps two-thirds of the original size. Unfortunately, I was not able to try a beaver in its legendary original chalice – I mean, container. However, at least I have been able to drink two beavers in one visit on a few occasions. One time my friends and I were served our beavers in the tall tupperware containers that restaurants typically store soup in for takeout. 

“preferred beaver is beaver of the month, it’s always the best beaver, except the fireball beaver. preferred regular beaver is blue.”

In addition to the staple color flavors, Ted’s always has a special beaver of the month that incorporates other flavor profiles and liquors, such an apple cider beaver with hard cider; a Mexican mule beaver with ginger beer and tequila; a Fireball beaver with the titular whiskey and this month’s lemonade sour special. The latter has been met with praise from the friends with whom I have tried them. 

“I think the lemonade one is the best because it doesn’t have the stronger alcohol taste the others do, but isn’t too sweet either, it’s just got a nice citrusy flavor and I enjoy it a lot,” one Thirsty Thursday drinker said. In addition to the special lemonade beaver, they have tried the green melon beaver. 

Another Thirsty Thursday drinker has praised Ted’s special beavers in general.  

“Preferred beaver is beaver of the month, [it’s a]lways the best beaver, except the Fireball beaver,” they said. “Preferred regular beaver is blue.” 

A third Thirsty Thursday drinker similarly cited the blue beaver as their go-to. As for me? I highly recommend always taking a look at the special beavers. They are always a creative mix of flavors and ingredients: the apple cider one was dangerously delicious, but the Mexican Mule flavor has been my top special beaver so far. In terms of the regular offerings, I used to ride the blue coconut wave, but after trying green melon earlier this month, I’m going to have to go green. 

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