“Ted Lasso” season 2 steals my heart once again


Last year Apple TV+ had a massive hit with the beloved “Ted Lasso,” a show about an American football coach who is hired to coach an English Premier League soccer team. Interesting combination, right? The show took the audience on a journey that was initially about soccer, but proved to be so much more. The series of directors, including but not limited to Declan Lowney, Tom Marshall and Elliot Hegarty, successfully incorporated life struggles into what is initially viewed as a humorous television show simply about ‘football,’ as the Brits would say. The audience was taken on a whirlwind of heartbreak, confidence struggles, the pressures of living up to parent’s expectations, divorce and so much more.  

Ted Lasso (Jason Sudeikis) and Coach Beard (Brendan Hunt) arrive in England with little welcome. Fans are heard shouting “wanker” through almost every soccer match, until Ted and his team win over their hearts through the power of positivity and bravery.   

I was a massive, and I mean massive, fan of the first season of “Ted Lasso,” so I had high expectations when the second season was said to be arriving. On July 23, episode one was finally released after a long, grueling anticipation, and in my humble opinion, it did not disappoint. Let me preface by saying that I was unable to watch the season as it aired due to the complications that arise with streaming services when in another continent, but I immediately watched when I returned to the United States.  

The same reasons why I love the first season of “Ted Lasso” apply to the second. It’s a feel-good show with deeper undertones that can be watched by anyone. I’m the first to admit that I’m not the biggest sports fan. I (embarrassingly) will say I don’t even know the rules of football and only have been to two baseball games in my life, but that is the exact reason why “Ted Lasso” is so enjoyable. It’s so much more than soccer. While soccer is the basic premise of the show, it relies on a variety of other topics to make it so relatable. You see yourself, your family and your friends in the characters, and feel connected to them even after only watching one episode. I found myself constantly rooting for Ted, not to mention I could barely put my laptop down after three episodes… despite it being two in the morning.  

The ability to watch “Ted Lasso” without having to wait for a new episode to appear after a week also aided my extremely enjoyable experience of the show. There was some criticism regarding the second season; however, the hardcore Ted lovers will blame this on Apple’s decision to release episodes in a weekly manner. The audience wanted more…. quickly. While weekly releases can create a positive sense of anticipation, it also gives the audience more time to ruminate on each episode. Since “Ted Lasso” season one did not become popular right off the bat, most viewers were able to binge-watch the entire season without even having enough time to take a snack break.  

Nonetheless, I am a die-hard “Ted Lasso” fan, if you can’t already tell. If you haven’t watched season one, I strongly recommend it, and if you have, get on to season two! Find a friend with an Apple TV+ subscription and binge away.  

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