Big E or Big Eats? My favorite foods at the Big E


What’s better than walking around and getting to try all different kinds of foods? Nothing, in my book. This past weekend I visited the Big E for the first time ever, and I absolutely loved it. While I didn’t go on any rides, I did get to try some delicious foods that left me, and my belly, feeling fulfilled and happy the entire day. Here are my top cuisines:  

New Hampshire Mac & Cheese 

Our first stop of the day was New Hampshire’s scrumptious mac & cheese. Everyone I went with had hyped it up, and considering the long line, I knew I was in the right place. We enter the NH house and are immediately met with over five little stoves that each have a small pan of mac & cheese on it, which you can customize to your liking. My friend and I went with the classic, and, boy, did it not disappoint. After five minutes we were handed a fresh, boiling hot bowl of macaroni dripped in the most delicious cheese I have ever tasted. And, trust me, they didn’t skimp out on the cheese. It wasn’t too much of a cheesy flavor, and it blended perfectly with the pepper that we crushed on top. Needless to say, it was definitely the right start to my first Big E experience.  

Randy’s Wooster Street Pizza 

I am a die-hard fan of New Haven pizza… and, yes, it is better than New York pizza. Naturally, as soon as I saw ‘Wooster’ included in a pizzeria’s name in the Connecticut house, I knew I needed to stop. I settled on one Scamozza Joe slice (margarita) and one classic pepperoni slice. As soon as I saw it come out of the oven, I knew I’d be a fan. The pizza was thin crust with a perfectly bristled base that made the crust crispy but not too burnt. The cheese to sauce ratio was perfect and they loaded up the pepperonis. The slices were placed in the oven before serving, so there’s no need to be worried about getting a cold piece of pizza that is hours old. Better yet, they have a location in Manchester, so if you have a car I highly recommend checking it out! 

Connecticut’s Baked Potato  

From the gecko, we knew we wanted to devour a massive baked potato, which we thankfully found in the Connecticut house. Before you all say it, I know Maine apparently has the best baked potatoes at the Big E, but the line alone was over 45 minutes, which we definitely did not want to do. On the side of Connecticut, we found a baked potato shack that served two versions, one with broccoli and cheese and the other with the classic sour cream, bacon, cheese and chives. My friend and I settled with the classic and were more than pleased. The potato was perfectly cooked and the heat from it was able to melt the cheese on the bottom layer. The mix of the sour cream gave that tangy flavor while not overpowering the bacon and chives. Overall, it was the perfect blend of flavors that are making my mouth water as I’m writing this. If you, like us, don’t want to waste an hour in line, I would ditch the Main potato and stay close to your roots in CT.  

Now that I have tried all these delicious foods, I’m sad that I haven’t been going to the Big E for years, but I am definitely going to make sure to check it out from now on. Not only was the food amazing, but it was also really fascinating to see the different products that were sold in each house. I was able to tour all of New England in a matter of three hours!  


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