UConn forms Bias Action Group, responds to 2021-22 bias incidents

A recent email sent out by Student Affairs and the Chief Diversity Officer, Frank Tuitt, is the latest in a number of new inclusive actions taken by UConn this semester. The email details plans to begin a Bias Action group to address concerns about issues related to actions that target underrepresented identities or groups. Screenshot courtesy of the Dean of Students

In an email sent to University of Connecticut students yesterday, Eleanor JB Daugherty, associate vice president for student affairs and dean of students, and Frank Tuitt, vice president and chief diversity officer, discussed the creation of a Bias Action Group to address trends and concerns. 

“UConn will be forming a Bias Action Group composed of students and staff who are committed to understanding, responding and educating our collective community on issues of bias,” the email reads. “This group will meet every semester to review our bias data, identify trends and concerns, and create programming and messaging that address the real issues presented in our own community.” 

The email drew particular attention to bias reports targeting members of the LGBTQIA+ community. The email went on to say UConn denounces acts that condemn and harm the identities of others. 

“We take this matter seriously as an educational community and reject, denounce and condemn these acts that harm the identity of others … Members of the LGBTQIA+ community contribute to the rich diversity that makes the University of Connecticut stronger as an institution,” the email reads. “The views and behaviors expressed by the perpetrators of these hurtful acts do not reflect who we are or aspire to be as an institution.” 

The email went on to discuss who the UConn community is, the data available regarding the bias incidents and the steps previously taken when responding to an incident. It also emphasized the importance of dialogue regarding bias issues affecting students. 

“UConn must be a place where we can express ourselves, cherish the diversity of identities that form our community and welcome the opportunity to continually learn from one another,” the email reads. “To facilitate such an environment, we need to feel empowered, valued, and equipped to engage in healthy and effective dialogue on issues such as antisemitism, gender equity and systemic racism.” 

Those interested in joining the Bias Action Group must submit their application to dos@uconn.edu by 11:59 p.m. on Oct. 28. Applications should include the applicant’s, contact information and an explanation for the applicant’s interest in joining. 

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